India: 23 Jan update with Uncle V

Indian Christians not phased by Hindu threats

“We aim to have a Christian presence in every one of the 636,000 villages in India by 2020." These were the bold words of Uncle V, when I asked him about the latest progress of the Indian house church movement. “Most first-generation Christians came to the Lord by miracles,” he said. I asked him to share a story. “Some people came from a militant Hindu gathering to our village while we were getting together for worship,” he said. “The Hindus demanded that the Christians worship their god and deny Jesus. An old man said there is no way he would leave Jesus because he had been dying when some Christians prayed in the name of Jesus, and he was completely healed. They could kill him but he would never turn away from Jesus. All the others said similar things. The militants left, disgusted. This kind of thing is happening all the time.” 

Now about 50% of the villages in North India have a Christian presence, meaning that there is at least one small group meeting together to pray and study the scriptures. The strategy is that each house church is being asked to adopt one or more villages. The leaders are mobilising the churches to complete the task of reaching the whole country. Two days ago Uncle V was in an area where a number of house churches were planning their outreaches. “First generation Christians come pre-loaded with a burden for their families,” he explained. “They don't want to go to heaven until their parents, siblings, children, aunties and uncles and all their relatives are saved too.” Their relatives are generally living in nearby villages. The advantage of approaching their relatives is that, though the relatives usually don’t like or agree with what they are saying initially, at least they don't bash them up, and will offer accommodation a few days while the Jesus follower patiently explains the Gospel. As time goes by, many are won to the Lord. 

There is an urgency about this strategy because at the federal level draconian laws are being put into place including anti-conversion, and anti-beef-eating laws (to Hindus, the cow is sacred and not to be eaten). There were 200 instances of persecution in 2017, where property is damaged; idols introduced forcibly, especially in schools; the leaders are bashed up, and in many cases jailed. Often fake news appears in the newspapers accusing the Christians of forcible conversions. Uncle V laughs at this accusation. “As if anyone could forcibly convert anyone to true Christianity” he chortled.

The RSS (extremist Hindu organisation whose adherents won India’s most recent elections) celebrates its centenary in 2025, and they want to declare India a Hindu nation by making it free of Christians and Muslims. “They have 70,000 branches in India,” grins Uncle V,”but we know that "no weapon formed against us shall prosper". They can do what they like but soon at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord.”



21 Sept 2016 Update with Uncle Victor - Robin C

The church planting movements are still multiplying and bringing much fruit. It is estimated that 400,000 of India's more than 640,000 villages now have an active witness for Christ. A new generation of leaders are now fully trained and are now taking responsibility for leading the CPM's.

Unfortunately some parts of the once vibrant CPM have been taken over by professional pastors who are career and money motivated and no multiplication is happening in those areas. 


Here is a report from our missions partners FMF, Director "Uncle Gene" Davies. They conducted training in India recently and these are some testimonies of the trainees. FMF work very 
closely with Victor Choudhrie.

I am Pastor RN, 48 years old, and  Pastor from the state of telangana . I had the privilege 
of participating in the Disciple training program in miryalaguda  After completing the 
training, I went to my village, thanda.shared the bible stories to my oral people and led 
them towards Christ.  As a result of this, 231 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior and took water baptism. There are 8  House  churches have been planted. 
Praise the Lord for the teaching.

My Name is S B  I am wife of Mr. RN, I have been working among women over the last year. It 
is great challenge for me to train them and work with them, but by the grace of God I am 
training women how to share a story and how to reach other women for the Lord. We have 
planted 27 new women storytelling groups. The training refreshed and motivated me to train 
more people for the Lord. I want give thanks to Lord and Micheal Sir who are always praying 
for us. Our Brother S N and Sister Sony B often tells about these great people.

One of our church planter, name D, attended the Training. He went to his community and 
started to share God’s storytelling in his villages. Within 7 months time, God brought a lot of changes to his ministry. He has used teaching and 100% telling God’s story because, in his area 90% are illiterate. When he used storytelling people understood about who God is and 
all the great thing he does. including,  miracles and his healing.  During 7 months, 820 
people heard the stories for the first time and 402 people repented and accepted Lord Jesus 
Christ his son. We rejoice that they are now gathering  in fellowship. Brother Davadhanm continually developing his believers and equipping and empowering the selected grassroots House church planters. In 43 of his villages he is promoting holistic transformation among oral learners and disciplining others. His team has planted 26 new churches. We praise and thank God f
or all of your prayers,and Supports.

By the immense grace of God and His eternal mercies and plan, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the CPM training in India. In the year 2005 Pr. Steve from New Zealand had come to [Lonavala] India with a novel plan of rapid multiplication of churches which he termed as the “Rabbit Churches”. This new concept of church planting & multiplication of churches was eye catching, exciting, invigorating, and also challenging.It was a matter of engulfing and executing the concept.

It has been my desire ever since to implement & impart the teaching & training that I received through God’s servant Pr. Steve, His chosen vessel. In India the Lord used me along with others to effectively impart this training to many people of God in different states of both South & North India alike – Karnataka, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal. Besides this the Lord used me to train people internationally in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Kenya.

It is my privilege to have conducted the basic CPM training, follow-ups, T4T (Training for Trainers), and Advanced CPM also. The LORD has used our collective efforts along with the CPM Training Team (from New Zealand) and local pastors and church leaders, to bring in a rich harvest of souls into His Kingdom. We have been getting very positive feedback from all the places where the CPM was conducted. Some are in the second and third level of CPM.

In Orissa alone the training was first attended by 40 local pastors. A few of them in turn implemented the teaching and had good results with the Lord adding souls in the church. The pastor enthusiastically followed the ‘Rabbit Church’ pattern and within a week had 120 tribal women gathering daily for prayer in front of their huts. The church was out in the open. This spread to other places too. Another pastor had a desire to train young people from different places and send them to do the CPM which also has seen good number of churches being planted.

Kenya has been a different story all together. High level church leaders as well as grass root workers came together for CPM training held in Bungoma….


By and large CPM training method has been enormously useful in fulfilling the Great Commission given by our Saviour, LORD and Master. All glory, honour and acclaim unto the One Who was, Who is and Who is to come. Amen!

Raju Samuel Nile June 2013