Mission Statement

OIKOS Australia Inc. is a servant ministry seeking to advance God’s Kingdom purposes in our land by supporting and encouraging Home Churches both within and independent of the traditional church.

We do this through:

• provision of relevant news and information
• quarterly newsletter
• personal contact
• pastoral care
• seminars and speaking engagements

Our Vision

To network and encourage the new ways of ‘being church’ that God is bringing about in Australia today.


OIKOS is called to glorify Jesus Christ, and to be a servant ministry to the church in our day. We
believe that God is calling individual Christians –

• to realise His life within them,
• and to come together under His Lordship
• to be the Church where He has planted them,
• to reach out as a Kingdom people so that the world will truly know that Jesus lives.

OIKOS is the Greek word used in the Bible for ‘household’. In Romans 16:5 for example, reference is
made to the church that meets in a home.

OIKOS is a friendship ministry to new ways of church. OIKOS operates as a National Team and
Regional Teams are being developed around the country.

OIKOS is involved with new ways of church that meet in lounge rooms, offices, factories, aged facilities,
prisons and even car parks.

OIKOS is encouraging of ways of church that are non hierarchical and grassroots, and of gatherings in
small groups to enable relationships to develop and go deep.

There is a fresh move of the Holy Spirit changing the way of being ‘church’ back to ways that the first
Christians would have recognised. This is the movement we seek to follow and serve.

OIKOS is not a ‘covering’ for Home Churches. We believe Jesus Christ is the ‘covering’ for His church
and no other is needed.

OIKOS does not run Home Churches and has no authority over any Home
Church or any other gathering of Christians.

OIKOS sometimes supports and encourages the beginnings of Home Churches but then moves aside
for the group to develop in the way God would have. We continue as a friend if the group so wishes.

Bessie Pereira – Director,

OIKOS Australia Inc. www.oikos.org.au

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