Cotonou, Benin, Republic Chapter

Brother Albert D. Akognon


Preamble: It is with gratitude to God Almihty that I am writing in appreciation of your effort to ensure that church planting movement, (C. P M) is a reality in Africa, expecialy in Benin Rep. Kindly accept my appology in delayed report.

Starting on a new slate, and from the remote part of the country, the task is so demanding that I feel I should endeavour to do the most difficult part of it, that is deworming the villagers from their old beliefs of Voodooism, Human sacrifice and Wich craft etc, before I give you the progress reports.

Now that there has been a rapid progress in our effort, I would like to give you the detailed information. In the first place, I am happy to inform you that the numbers of our disciples are increasing tremedously in Benin Rep. Most interestingly, you would find it heart warming to learn that we have been able to plant Fifty Six House Churches both in the City and remote areas of the country call ZOU COLLIN

Churches are begining to give up to become a House Church in the commercial city of Cotonou.

In addition to the Church Planting Movement (C. P. M), we have also undertaken Agrecultural Project to that effect here in the metropolis, an area of land has been acquired on which reasonable work has been done that our product is already in the market as you can see through the photographs. Becouse of the cosmopolitan nature of the city, we have embarked on the production of vegetables and fruits that are on high demand and we hope to achieve more.




By His divine provision, we shall be embarking on other viable projects to give a proper footing to the House Churches.

We are negotiating to aquire a ten acres of land in the remote area for a farm land. Hoping to increase as the year progresses.

We intend to invest on Animal husbandry to provide protein for the Villagers




In conclusion, i must say that God on our side, this Project shall be an eye opener in this part of the World. I only hope that God will provide for this Vision, Finance, Equipment and Manpower to move Work forward. While soliciting your unflinching support. The Sky will be our starting point.

Thanks, For your Labour of Love and Patience


Yours, in His Vineyard

Bro, Albert Akognon D.

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