This report gives detail description of the training of house church leaders, Baptisms, some house churches in three different Province/Region in our Country Benin.


Training and attendance.

Training of ministers in the month of April/May which involved ministers from different Province/Region. They were 50 in numbers and the training lasted for 3 days. They were so excited that they requested for more training.


Fifty leaders were also chosen and trained in our ministry who then proceed in training others. As of today we have 100 trained leaders who are on the field training, gaining and winning souls for the kingdom. The training was so interested and excited that the leaders took Simple House Church Movement as a daily bread.


Training content

The training was based on great commission with practical examples. They were trained to disciple others in form of chain. They also learnt about the principle of church growth and multiplication.


Training method

Different methods were used which include practical approach, questions and answers, group discussion and field inter-shifting which help leaders to know and understand their gifts.



We make the teaching simple and interesting that lead to leaders in orthodox churches coming to us for proper and correct baptism. God use the teaching to open peoples heart to the real truth of the gospel soul winning. We have baptized 1,750 people as of this report


General achievements in four different Region/Province.

*Thousands of people have been reached and shared the gospel of the Kingdom with them.

*Those baptized are numerous and they have also accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour.

*Spreading the gospel become easier and simple. Miracles and healing becomes daily bread.

*Half an acre of land was donated to us in a village called Daho in one of the region of which we promise to dig a bore hole for water supply since the village is without water. We are believing God for its execution.

*The villages and others are willing to give us lands for projects.

*presently house churches in Littoral region is up to 75, Atlantic region 45, in Oueme 120 and zoo 200.

*We are now in four different region out of 12 region/Province/State in the Country Benin.


General challenges in House Church movements

We have up to 28 house church in this area alone as of today. We are moving by giving birth to new house church. Harmony was created through signs and wonders, healing, restoration, singing, sharing of meals and the words together. Everybody loves prayer including the Muslims except the idol worshipers who believe that our prayer destroy their powers.

The major problems we have is that most of them are living in a rented house and their Landlord do not permit them to hold prayer in their apartments so we have to work hard to win the Landlords. Please pray for us for rapid progress.


In my analysis, I note that we are at the right time for the harvest and we need more labourers to fulfil the great commission.


*Opposition from, the traditional churches since their members are been expose to the true gospel.

*Majority of those who live in rented houses and their landlords oppose to holding prayers in their apartment.

*Traditional leaders and their worshippers oppose the gospel because they believe our prayer destroy their power.


*Majority are litrates.


In my analysis, I note that we are at the right time for harvest and we need good and responsible labourers to fulfil this great commission. We need to have prayer network within the CPM movement in other to assist ourselves were necessary. We also need a continuous orientation for better upgrade towards fulfilling the great commission.

Five other house church have been added to what we have before, we now have 532 as of today. This is the report I received from Benin today

Our goal is to have 500 house church before December but we now project 1,200.


By Nnice DUZEY


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