The Bible does not only say love one another, it also says “contend for the faith….” – so I believe it is quite in order to debate what constitutes a Biblical way of making didisciples. God is pulling the End-time Church together (big statement!) so of course there will be all sorts of difference of opinion, as people come from different backgrounds and have different views. I disciple people myself, so I’ll give my thoughts. There are a few key things. 1. love – we must love our disciples. I noticed somebody say that years ago and it has stuck with me. It might have been Neil Cole who said it. Discipleship without love is thralldom. 2. We must teach our disciples to hear from God – Rom 8:14. If I could I would help every believer hear from God. Hearing from God is what makes my faith come alive and what fills my heart with love for God. You can’t have a one-way conversation with God and love Him – it must be a two-way conversation. We have one mouth and two ears for a reason – listen twice as much as talk. Importantly, if we teach people how to hear from God, we must be able to hear from God ourselves, and be obedient to what we hear. 3. Train, train, train – habits and skills for the Great Commission. This is the ask we are all about. 4.     Help them get healed and delivered.  5. If possible demonstrate the miraculous.  6.We must continually encourage our disciples to stay free from sin and go for God’s highest calling on their lives. In many cases I’ve noticed God often shows the destiny of a person when they first come to faith. 5. Encourage them in the disciplines of the Christian life. I ask the disciples God has entrusted me with – Are you praying regularly? What are you reading? Are you staying focussed on God? What is He saying to you? 6. Pray for them. 7. Serve them. 



hn Corner Thinking over this I’ve not emphasisPart of discipling him or her is passing on skills and habits relevant to the Great Commission. That’s the task we are about. This is a huge part of discipleship. Also deliverance – we must help them get free from disabling demons. Mark 16. Get them healed if possible. As far as possible demonstrate the miraculous. Their faith will be strong.
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