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222 Foundation Objectives 1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016

 Our prime goal is the pioneering of a Spirit-led discipleship multiplication movement in New Zealand. It is still in the pioneering stage, but we are happy with results so far. We are seeing a steady trickle of souls saved and becoming disciples, and new 222 groups starting. I will be writing again soon with more details of what God has been saying and doing in Aotearoa.  

Missionary objectives

  1. Expand CPM training in Africa. The CPM training in Kenya has been rewarding and successful, with the Kenyan workers reporting over 1750 home fellowships started during the 12 month period. This would mean upwards of 20,000 people ministered to, many newly born again. Funds used in this category go to travel expenses of trainees and hotel venues for the webinars. Much more funding will be needed to really make the most of this ministry opportunity. I am confident the Lord will supply all our needs when it is His time to expand the ministry in Africa. In the coming year we will seek more individuals and churches who may want to partner with us in this work.
  2. Launch a literacy programme in Western Kenya. Together with Rise Up, we are piloting a literacy programme in Eldoret, Western Kenya. It is based on a comprehensive Phonics course developed by Our Hong Kong company Eagle English Ltd. This is relatively unique in that it is designed for older second language students and also used by adults. It uses synthetic phonics, a method which has been made mandatory in the UK education system because of its proven success above other methods. The strategy is to train local people ( who are members of Rise-Up) with good English and tertiary qualifications to teach the course to local students. We will need to undertake specific fund raising for this project in the coming year. Our goals are:
    • To combat poverty through education. It is commonly recognised that education is the main way out of poverty. In Kenya all tertiary education uses English as a medium of instruction.
    • To generate income for the local teachers and help them become more self -sufficient.
    • This project acts as a ‘tent-making’ activity to support other Christian programmes including church planting and supply of Bibles.
    • This will all open doors for Christian ministry and the English language content of some of the lessons will include Christian songs and simplified Bible stories.
  3. We will maintain our Hong Kong/ China /Asia connections. Our trip in February/March was very successful. I visited two Chinese churches, one in the city of Zhuhai, and one in Shenzhen. At the series of seminars with Bill Smith this month, there was what we believe to be a remarkable confirmation from the Lord that we are on track. At the Otaki seminar we met two women who were planning to go back to China. Both are fairly new believers and have some extensive needs for ministry. They both asked if we knew a good church they could join. Incredibly one has gone to Shenzhen, and the other is going to Zhuhai in June. So we were able to refer them to our contacts there. I am full of praise and wonder at our Lord Jesus! He has such a way of bringing encouragement at the right time in some unexpected way. In addition to ministering in the churches we spent considerable time meeting with pastors and other Christian workers, assisting Bible courier teams, and ministering to different individuals.

Praise the Lord

Blessings to all

Robin Corner  28/4/2015


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