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One discipleship multiplication movement which has been tremendously influential is the “T4T” (Training for Trainers) movement founded by Ying Kai in 2001. Ying is a Taiwanese missionary, who based his strategy on three revelations God gave him from the Great Commission as recorded by Matthew (Mat 28:18-20):

 1.     Go, not come: we are to go, not invite people to come to us. We must go to where the lost are, and train new believers to also go where the lost are. For Ying, this meant an expanding wave of evangelism into factories, homes, shops and neighbourhoods.

2.      Everyone, not just some: the verse says to make disciples of all, not just a few. We typically choose who we want to share the Gospel with. We try to pre-judge who will receive it. But God said to share with everyone. We cannot predict who will accept the Gospel, and who God will use to birth a movement.

3.     Make trainers (disciples), not just church members: we are often satisfied if someone will believe and join our church. But the command Jesus gave us is so much more. He wants these new believers to be true disciples. Every disciple should learn how to obey Jesus’ commands, including witnessing to others, then train these new believers to repeat the process. Every disciple should be a trainer![1]

4.     The “T4T” methodology, which Ying developed, is a major feature of 222 Network’s discipleship training. Some of the core values are: everyone in the movement shares their testimony with nonbelievers; everyone is regarded as a ‘trainer’, i.e. new Christians can train even newer Christians straightaway.

This movement is credited with leading 1.7 million new believers to the Lord in a ten-year period.

[1]     Extract from “T4T – A Discipleship Re-Revolution” by Steve Smith with Ying Kai, WIGTake Resources

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