The West Kenya CPM in pictures


  1. Started Sept 2015
  2. Number – at least 95 groups known
  3. Local leaders – Gloria Adagi; Bishop John Musila; Isaac Khaweili; Margaret Kimuyu
  4. Trainer/apostle – Robin Corner, New Zealand
  5. System – No Place Left
  6. Spiritual – Spirit-Filled
  7. International – networks starting in Tanzania; Uganda; Rwanda; Cameroon; New Zealand; China
News 27 Aug 2017 News from TEACH 
For the last few months we have stepped up our assistance to Treasure Academy and Rescue Centre, a Christian school in Kenya. Treasure accommodates 80 needy children in Turbo, Western Kenya. A further 40 children attend the school during the day. Its founder, Gloria Adagi, started it because she noticed the plight of the poor children in the area, and wanted to do something about it. 50 of the children are full orphans (lost both parents) and 30 are partial orphans ( lost one parent). Most of the other children are needy for some other reason. Living in a country where 60% of the population live on less than $2 per day, many of their parents are too poor to care for them properly. No government assistance is available to look after this kind of need so we are seeking a core group of supporters who will be committed to give regularly so that the facility can be upgraded, and the children can be sure of food and security week by week. One-off donations also welcome. 
  1. Origins: the vision for  Holy Spirit-led CPM’s in Africa originated from the 2009 Global House Church Movement Summit in Delhi, India, which Robin co-ordinated.  Victor Choudhrie and a Brahmin convert are shown here. At the Africa prayer morning, the prophetic word was given, “The spirit of the dark continent is broken over Africa; from henceforth, Africa shall be known as a continent of light”. Before the Summit, Victor’s networks had baptised 300,000 new believers in one day, a feat which greatly impressed the African   delegates, who wanted to see something similar spring up in Africa.


  1. Robin and Margaret spend time with Margaret and Peter Kimuyu. Margaret Kimuyu did the CPM training in May 2016, and has started four CPM churches in Kibera slum in Nairobi, the second largest slum in Africa.




 2. Robin with Bishop John Musila. Bishop John is a key leader in the CPM.





  1. Robin and Reuben in Kibera. Reuben has started a house church in the slum.









  1.  Robin and Margaret with Dr Mary Okelo and Moses Odongo. Dr Mary is well known in Kenya, owns Makini Schools, and is a champion of women’s empowerment in Africa. She was wonderfully filled with the Holy Spirit during our May visit. Moses is manager of Eagle English programmes for the Kenya branch of our company, Eagle English International. Here, we were visiting Mary at her home in Kisumu, Western Kenya.









  1.  Robin and Margaret training CPM volunteers and pastors at Kakamega, Western Kenya.





  1.                                                                        7.  Learning to minister in small groups.




8. Gloria Adagi has emerged as another key leader in the CPM. Here she is passing on the training to one of her rapidly multiplying groups.















      9. Gloria with some of her leaders.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10. The CPM is expanding following Robin and Margaret’s departure. This is a training meeting at Butere, W Kenya, in July.









11. More pictures of teaching, praying, small group discussion and worship at the Butere meeting.








12. Following the most recent Butere training meeting there were 10 baptisms.












13.  Practical Christianity 1 – An elderly                          woman is given a cellphone. She is delighted.















14.  Practical Christianity 2 – women taught to plant vegetables. This has made a big difference to the village. Previously, after the maize harvest, the land would lie idle for three months. With Gloria’s training, short term crops are planted, giving vegetables to eat or sell. There are some great individual testimonies of the Lord working in people’s lives. One young man has given up a disabling drink habit and now is industriously working on one of the gardens; a married couple with three children who had separated are now back together. One woman with continual chest pain    professes herself healed and no longer experiences the pain.













15.  Practical Christianity 3 – Meet Flora, from the village. Gloria took her in at Treasure Academy Rescue Centre. She is an AIDS orphan and her Grandmother is not coping with raising her.  Her education in the “Fantastic Phonics” course is sponsored by a local Waikanae house church.



16. Here is Treasure Academy Rescue Centre; Gloria is its founder and Director. It is a faith, donation-based ministry to needy children and operates a registered school.







17. Flora gets a school uniform. She is slightly brain-damaged because her grandmother, force-fed her by pinching her nose and spooning porridge into her mouth when Flora was a baby and not eating,

When Gloria took her for a visit back to the village after a month at Treasure, the villagers noticed she was a lot sharper and had learned some English. Learning English is a vital skill in Kenya, where the entire education system uses English as its medium of instruction.



                                                                                18. Robin interacts with the children on his and             

                                                                                 Margaret’s visit to Treasure Academy in May, 2016.



20.  In July, the Rescue Centre ran out of food and the children were eating almost only porridge.  We found New Zealand donors who contributed funds for beans. The children came running when they heard about the beans! 

 21. The receipt -We ensure that all moneys are properly accounted for.




22. Another donor gave enough for longer term usage. For this the beans need to be dried for storage. The 222 Foundation supports Treasure in a number of ways. We are raising funds for major works urgently required there. Gloria launched into the school and rescue centre in faith, as a result of seeing the needy children who nobody was taking care of.  For example, she found one little boy aged 2, being looked after by street kids in Eldoret. There is no such thing as a government “safety net” in Kenya. One hundred and twenty children live at Treasure. Of these, 50 have lost both parents, in many cases due to AIDS. A further 40 have lost one parent, and the other cannot cope. The remaining 30 are needy and at risk for other reasons. Urgent needs include a perimeter fence, and security guards. Two girls were raped by intruders three years ago. One local Waikanae Christian woman has generously donated funds towards the fence.  The children currently lack enough beds, mosquito nets, and healthy sanitation arrangements, leaving them vulnerable to diseases such as typhoid and malaria. This is an opportunity for churches, service clubs, community groups or individuals to join us in this project by raising funds to meet these needs.

As part of their activities in Kenya, Robin and Margaret have established a branch of their Hong Kong company, Eagle English International, there. The company has developed a phonics-based system of teaching English reading, writing and spelling, which it markets to Kenyan schools. The programme is marketed on a commercial basis to schools which can afford it. The company is also partnering with the Kenyan education department, who would like to see it widely introduced in Kenya. The plan is to conduct a pilot study with a small cross-section of schools, then apply for major funding to introduce it in government schools and schools in the slums and poorer areas.

Eagle English has provided Treasure Academy with its “Fantastic Phonics” programme without charge, as the orphans and other needy children are unable to pay for the programme. This has necessitated employing a full-time teacher to teach the programme at the school. It uses “synthetic phonics” methodology, as used in the UK. It has made a big difference to the children’s learning. They are all learning more and enjoying school more. A child sponsorship scheme is available, to enable this programme to be offered next year and beyond. You can sponsor a child for NZ$15 (US$10) per month.









23. Treasure children enjoy learning Fantastic Phonics         24. Eagle English teacher Victor Mogusu


25. Robin with Haron, aged 5, sponsored by a local Waikanae couple. Gloria found Haron when he was 2 years old. Both his parents had died of AIDS and he was being looked after by street kids. She took him in and now Treasure is his home.

Why are “good works” such an integral part of the CPM?   

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Mat 5:16

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” James 1:27

See the following video for more information on the Fantastic Phonics programme, which features Treasure Academy and other schools:


23.  Robin continues to give the leaders training from New Zealand. Normally this is done by Skype, but for this particular meeting Skype was not working, so Robin spoke directly to a Swahili interpreter by cell phone! Robin and Margaret next plan to visit Kenya in January 2017.  



24.  Fellow New Zealand missionary, Ken Rout, meets up with some of our leaders. We will be co-operating with Ken in the future.





25. Gloria with two Ugandan leaders who attended training in Kenya.  The movement is beginning to multiply and extend into neighbouring countries. Last weekend Gloria went to Rwanda to do some training with 20 leaders there. In mid-September a team of three, Gloria, Bishop John and Isaac will travel to Tanzania to conduct training there.


26. This diagram shows the growth of the network so far. Only groups from which we have firm information are included, usually group leader name plus phone number and very often a self-evaluation questionnaire.

Red-first generation;    Yellow-second;         Blue-third;         Mauve-fourth;            Green-fifth


                                                       Colours represent generations



Research on missions has established that a movement is likely to keep on growing once it reaches four generations. There is however much work to be done. We are looking to establish a network of Christian leaders, donors and intercessors who can partner with us in this work. 

Bungoma County Report – as told to Robin Corner by local leaders, June 2013

Remarkable things are happening on the ground as missions partners and trainees get about the business of starting small house churches, training them to multiply, and training them to walk with Jesus day by day, seeking his directions, and being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Reports are coming in from Kenya and Uganda of real healings starting to be experienced. According to Godfrey (a co-worker in Kenya – not his real name), they recently prayed for a woman “with an issue of blood just like in the Bible.” She was completely healed, and quite a number came to faith in Christ and got baptised as a result. The church planting team are really excited. A little while later there followed another notable healing, with a crippled man able to walk again. The real climax of this experience of God’s presence and power came when Godfrey prayed for a boy who had tragically died. Praise God, who is still the same as in the days when Jesus walked the earth, the boy was literally raised from the dead and totally healed. He had been to Kampala to hospital to find a cure without success, but at the prayer of Godfrey, Jesus completely healed him. Godfrey said “the father was very happy”!


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