Capital: PORT LOUIS (capital) 149,000 (2009)


Population: 1,303,717 (July 2011 est.)


People Groups: Indo-Mauritian 68%, Creole 27%, Sino-Mauritian 3%, Franco-Mauritian 2%


Languages: Creole 80.5%, Bhojpuri 12.1%, French 3.4%, English (official; spoken by less than 1% of the population), other 3.7%, unspecified 0.3% (2000 census)


Religions: Hindu 48%, Roman Catholic 23.6%, Muslim 16.6%, other Christian 8.6%, other 2.5%, unspecified 0.3%, none 0.4% (2000 census)

Most Franco-Mauritians and Mauritian Creoles are Christian. The Hindu population and most of the Muslim population are of South Asian origins. However, many Mauritians are of mixed descent, due to the fact that many of the slaves were mixed up causing many ‘mixed races’. These languages are still preserved through the existence of different socio-cultural organizations and with the school systems obliging primary school students to study an oriental language. A minority of people are of Chinese descent, many of whom have embraced Christianity, following mainly Roman Catholicism. Some follow Buddhism and Confucian traditions.


Government: Parliamentary Democracy.

Executive: Chief of state: President Sir Anerood JUGNAUTH (since 7 October 2003); Vice President Monique OHSAN-BELLEPEAU

Head of government: Prime Minister Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister

Legislative branch:

National Assembly (70 seats; 62 members elected by popular vote, 8 appointed by the election commission to give representation to various ethnic minorities; members to serve five-year terms)


Judicial branch:

Supreme Court


Living Conditions: Mauritius became independent of UK in 1968 and has thrived. It has developed into a well governed, middle income country, 7% unemployment, 8% below poverty line, with high investment from overseas, a tourist industry and low HIV/AIDS infection.


History: From successive exploitation by Portuguese, Dutch, French and British enterprises, Mauritius has gathered a mixed Creole population of African slaves, Indian labourers, French and Chinese traders.


Pray for:


  • Men of Peace who will give entry to the Hindu, Muslim and other religious backgrounds.

  • A great hunger among the Christians to see the great Commission fulfilled in their land and a desire for authentic Christian life.

  • The Lord to reveal the strategies necessary to bring this about.

  • The Lord to identify the delegates to be invited to the Pan African summit.

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