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The church planting movement (CPM) training with Brother Robin  inspires disciples, Christians generally and me to rise to greater heights in God, who is for us. He wants us to know the importance of building ourselves up in the things of God so we can walk and live in the realm of God possibilities and to know more of what He can do for us. May the Lord increase and sharpen our vision, focus, high faith and determination into what He has called us to be, so that we will become stronger believers in what Christ has spoken to us than ever before. This is a challenge to all believers to make sure we continue in God’s Word. Let us keep pressing onwards with the promises of God to us, believing for their fulfilment in this day. They are given to enable us experience the majesty and miracles of God in our lives.

Our historic mission to Tanzania was a blessing to us and our host. During the training a man who had been suffering from stroke for over 3 years got healed through prayers requested by his daughter. An Army officer on duty, through prayers, was saved from an attack by not going on duty that day as he was not feeling well. All who went were killed during the attack. The Holy Spirit moved and all the people were speaking in tongues. An elderly lady was heard praying in fluent English, yet she never went to school. The praise and worship was of a high level. The believers danced like in the days of king David and they were really blessed. The children were not left behind. They also praised worshipped and danced to the Lord.

Simon and John, after attending Robin’s training in Kenya, had the zeal to go and do the same as the Kenyan trainees. Simon has 12 CPM groups and John has 3 groups. All the leaders of the CPM attended the training. I told a little story about 2 little clever boys who wanted to be more clever than an old wise man. They caught a butterfly and asked the old man to tell them the status of the butterfly, if alive or dead. The old man told them the butterfly was in their hands. They could decide to let it go and fly to the whole world, or kill it. It is the same with us. The CPM is in our hands. We can kill it, or make it live by letting it fly to the world. The Chalinze believers promised to let the CPM fly to the world. As we were leaving everyone was calling me the butterfly lady (dada kipepeo). It was fun.

Let us be people who truly press through the fulfilments of the promises of Jesus Christ for our life for it is active faith in what He says that takes us forward in God. Let’s keep in the truths of Scripture, believing them daily to surpass the negativities of the world and raise up our faith and love in God’s name. Thank you so much for the support you gave us to reach the people of Tanzania. May God bless you. 

CPM starting in Tanzania;  May 2016 report by Robin C

Pastor Simon and his brother attended CPM training by 222 Foundation in Kenya, one three-day course in Nairobi and one in Kakamega. They were invited by Bishop John Musila, the host of the Kakamega event. Simon was unable to go back to Tanzania immediately after the training because he did not have the bus fare. I met with him and gave him some advice on how to get started, along with some study material on the Commands of Jesus and Stories of Hope designed for CPM. I have ever seen anyone so grateful for help starting a CPM. He was totally convinced that the Lord had ensured he had no money so that he could receive the extra training – and that the CPM in Tanzania should have an explosive start. We have since had a report from him that the CPM in Tanzania is growing very fast. I have never met anyone so hungry for a move of God. I’m eager to see what will come out of this in Tanzania. 

Simon and his brother dance before the Lord like David in the Bible, using a traditional Tanzanian dance. When they dance at home they are joined by their 99-year-old mother. Simon and his brother are both married, Simon with 6 children, his brother with 9. Watch them dance by clicking the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-KTbeLZd10

Watch some of their story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6VrPSGKgo4u0026amp;list=PL_rwoLif-qNc0j3Z4ORPYlOLAy4WRzKpMu0026amp;index=9

On return to NZ my niece Mere posted this video of Tanzanian children singing in Maori. The caption reads: Children in Tanzania sing Māori song ‘E te ariki’ The song was composed by Te Napi Tutewehiwehi Waaka alongside the late Māori queen, Dame Te Atairangikaahu – It was taught to the children of Joshua School by Kingsway college whilst volunteering in their village in 2014. This video was filmed by Rachel Judd who noticed it was a waiata Māori and immediately started to record. “The native language swahili is actually pronounced really similar to Maori so the kids pronounce the words really well!” said Judd.

General information on Tanzania

Capital: Dar es Salaam (executive), Dodoma (legislative), Major metropolises–Arusha, Mwanza, Mbeya, Mtwara, Stonetown in Zanzibar.

Population: Mainland–41.8 million (2010 est.). Zanzibar–1.3 million (est.).


People Groups: African 99% (of which 95% are Bantu consisting of more than 130 tribes), other 1% (consisting of Asian, European, and Arab); Zanzibar – Arab, African, mixed Arab and African


Languages: Official–Kiswahili and English. Arabic in Zanzibar


Religions: Muslim 35.0%, Christian 63.0%, other (traditional, Sikh, Hindu, Baha’i) 2.0%.

Zanzibar 99% Muslim

Government: Type: Republic:

Executive—president John Magufuli (chief of state and commander in chief), vice president, and prime minister.

Legislative–unicameral National Assembly (for the Union), House of Representatives (for Zanzibar only).

Judicial–Mainland: Court of Appeals, High Courts, Resident Magistrate Courts, district courts, and primary courts; Zanzibar: High Court, people’s district courts, kadhis court (Islamic courts).

Living Conditions: Literacy about 75%. Life expectancy–52.4 years (2010 est.). Infant mortality rate–68/1,000. HIV deaths (2009) 86,000. The work force is 80% agricultural. GDP per capita (2010): $552.


History: Tanzania has a long history of immigration . Interior people groups traded with the coastal groups which then traded overseas. The Portuguese claimed the whole East Coast in 1506 and enforced a brutal trade monopoly and protection racket. Omani Arab slavers traded until 1876 using Zanzibar as a major port. Britain and Germany shared east African territories until the end of WW1 when Britain took control of Tanganyika. Independence was granted in 1961.


Indigenous Zanzibaris were dominated by Omani Arabs who set up spice plantations. Britain ruled on behalf of the Sultan until Independence in 1963 when racial riots caused many deaths. Later that year Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined to form the United Republic of Tanzania. Socialist policies were economically disastrous for the new republic and subsequent improvement in the economy has not filtered down to many of the population which is mainly rural.


Pray for:

  • The Holy Spirit to create searching hearts in the population.

  • An opening into the Islamic population of Zanzibar.

  • Master trainers who can sow the vision and follow through with new converts.

  • Cooperation from traditional churches.

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