Capital–Kampala (2009 pop. 1.5 million). Other cities–Gulu, Lira, Jinja, Kasese, Mbarara, Mbale.

Population (2010): 33.4 million.

People groups: Baganda, Banyankole, Bahima, Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Karamojong, Basoga, Bagisu, and others.

Languages: English (official), Swahili (official), Luganda, and numerous other local languages.

Religions (2009): Christian 85%,(42% RC, 36% Anglican) Muslim 12%, other 3%.

There is an active church planting movement .


Type: Republic.

Branches: Executive— President and Commander in Chief–Yoweri Kaguta Museveni vice president, prime minister, cabinet.


Judicial–Magistrates’ Courts, High Court, Court of Appeals (Constitutional Court), Supreme Court.


Living Conditions: Education: Attendance (2010; primary school enrollment)–91%. Literacy (2010)–73.2%. Health (2010 est.): Infant mortality rate–63/1,000.

Life expectancy–53 years. Women are considered inferior to men and work considerably longer hours, around 17 hours a day as against 10. They do all the domestic work as well as the agricultural so have little time for self advancement or even education beyond basics. The is a growing women’s rights movement. Homosexuals are actively physically persecuted. Rural poverty is deep rooted although the national percentage has reduced dramatically.

The Lord’s Resistance Army killed thousands and recruited huge numbers of children up until 2006 but have largely been driven across the Congo and Sudanese borders. The traumatisation of the children still has effects in the northern areas.



As with other east African countries, Uganda was largely under British control from the mid 19th century although Arabic influence is seen in the eastern areas where Islam is prevalent. After independence in 1961, a series of coups took place resulting in virtual dictatorship and major human rights abuses, especially under Idi Amin and Milton Obote.
The current president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has been in power since 1986 after democratic elections and has made many improvements although corruption is still rife and brutality by military and police is still common.

Pray for:


  • Growth and maturity for the CPM.

  • Recognition of the potential delegates for the conference.

  • Recognition of the true status of women and a move towards equality.

  • Healing of the children and families who have been involved with the LRA.

  • Finance for delegates both from Uganda and other countries to attend the conference.

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