20 Sept 2019 Report on hospital project from Jacob

The health center has grown and expanded. With the X-ray and scan machines in place, the clinic has reached almost every corner of the city. Yes, my brother, the entire city. The clinic has been elevated to class C, which effectively means we are now a hospital and not a clinic. We are working with the government to have a full time resident doctor paid by them.

We have had severe load shedding which lasts over 8 hours each day, but with the help of Paul Ferris, we managed to acquire a 32 KV genset and has proved a great relief to the hospital. Its using an average of about 2 liters diesel per hour and thats looks very economical.

The contract with Churches health Associations of Zambia expired last year and all funds for medical personnel was halted. But during the gap period, we had accumulated enough funds to cover all salaries and other related costs.

Now we have a new contract with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) which will start on October 1st and will run for the next 4 years. This will cover all salaries, drugs and any other related costs to do with the clinic. This will completely remove every  burden to run the clinic from our shoulders. They will establish their control systems to ensure transparency and good governance of the hospital. In fact they are of the opinion that all user fees for people in the brackets of zero-19 years should be scrapped to ensure more get the much needed service.

The government on the other hand came and proposed a complete take over of the running of the hospital but l declined 

When we started this clinic project over 7 years ago, l never thought it would come to this. The Lord has been so good and has brought us this far. My brother, you should rejoice that the work and gift you ignited in my life has fruit and much more fruit that will last. I am deeply grateful to God for you and your wife for obeying God in as far as AFE is concerned.

By end of this year, we should embark on a new expansion project to build the maternity and labor ward. You know already that land was bought last year for this purpose. This is the land next to the existing facility. The guys in Perth are ready to fund this project. Ian and Rob will be in Zambia for 3 days on September 22.

Thea, the young lady from New Zealand is doing very well. She had some few health challenges when she arrived. But now she is settled and working at the hospital. A very good and easy person to stay with. A good company with Chawezi. They have bonded very well.

Let me restrict my update to the hospital only for now.

21 Nov 2017 Report from David Christmas

That was very sad to hear of the outcome of the votes in Australia. It has been headlines on international cable news. Signs are clear on the wall, the Lord is coming soon. I pray Australia and many other countries can turn back to God.

On the Zambian front, so many things have been happening politically. There seem to be wide spread corruption being exposed in high places and revelations implicating the President. Though some could be rumours, there is every indication some news are true. The church has been silent as many church leaders have been supporting the present president. This has brought some kind of compromise on the part of the church. But what’s sad is to see the church divided. Some are for the opposition and they are seen as enemies. As a Church, we have lost that prophetic voice we had say ten years ago. The Lord l believe is calling the nation of Zambia to repentance for having shared the bed with a harlot.

The rains have started and l should be heading for the farm in 2 days for planting. We expect above normal rainfall. The project “seed their need” is another exciting project. We have distributed  agro inputs to 1400 farmers. Nothing like has ever happened in this part of the land. The Lord is graciously using this project to reach many people for the Lord. On Wednesday, 22, we have almost all farmers coming together on the school ground and the chief will be in attendance. The main focus of the meeting is to further sensitize the community on the need and importance of paying back grants for the project to continue. I will have a privilege to share God’s word to them. 30 master trainers in SLA will come with me to this meeting. We are expecting a great harvest. 

On December 3rd, l leave for South Sudan and Ethiopia for a week. Our key contact/ man of peace has arranged a couple of meeting for me to share on SLA and Church Planting Movement. I expect fruit that will last to be visible. These 2 nations have been on my heart for years and am glad l could finally step my feet on these 2 nations. At the moment South Sudan is going through some political turmoil, but l know the Lord will protect me. Am not scared of anything.

Some friends have been to Zambia just a week ago. They guys are so passionate about the clinic. So far we have an understanding that they will fund the purchase of Xray Machine. An order has already been made and we expect delivery to be done in 30 days or so. I expect anytime from now to receive some first installments of funding from them. This will be a great tool for income generation and that will result into self sustaining of the clinic. The Lord has been very good my brother to the work in Zambia. I fill fulfilled to see all this fall into place.

I will need soon God willing to replace our utility van. It has been good and done it’s work but it’s always in and out of the garage. I seem to be spending more on repairs of late.

The shipment from Crossroads, Hong Kong arrives in the country in the next 3 weeks or so. Thanks for your favourable recommendations. We have a lot of things for the clinic loaded on the container.  More value and credence to our work both at the clinic and AFE will be added.

Spirit Led Academy
Half Year Report 2016 – “Year of Expansion” Goal for 2016.
Program Executive Summary
In the year 2015, my team and l set out clear goals and vision.
• To increase the presence of the academy in 5 new frontiers
• Raise a total number of 50 master trainers
• Promote program ownership, thus reduce dependence on foreign aid
• End foreign aid for Zambia’s academy programs by December 2016.
The academy has now it’s presence in the whole 10 provinces of Zambia and also in 5 African
Countries (Congo DR, Malawi, Burundi, Kenya u0026amp; Uganda) Two open doors in Ethiopia and
Nigeria is still waiting for our arrival. But we have learnt that the growth and expansion of the
Academy will not be at our pace but “the Lord’s”. We refuse to be over zealous and only want to move at the Lord’s timing.
• 360 students graduated by the end of June 2016.
• 25 master trainers have been raised.
• 400 new students have been enrolled across the country to start their studies in the semester that begins September 2016.
Overall Outlook 
• The academy has now 1405 graduates
• The academy has  now 55 master trainers
• 2447 house churches were opened directly by graduates of the academy
• 65 graduands are now engaged in various community secondary schools teaching religious knowledge and earning an income thus reducing poverty levels among the community members.
Outreach testimonies.
I. A Malawi town clerk, former Muslim gave his life to Christ after his daughter received a healing miracle. The daughter was due for an operation because she had a tumor growing under her left armpit. After trying all kinds of medication for over 1 year, it was recommended by the doctors that she needed to have an operation. She came into contact with an academy student and after prayers; the tumor disappeared after 2 days. She went back to the doctors, and they confirmed it was miraculous removed.
Our new brother needs our prayers as he has received numerous death threats from the Muslim community. (Name withheld for security reasons)
II. A Congolese witch doctor who openly confessed casting spells against our market healing explosion failed to stop the power of God. When he heard they was to be a healing explosion service at the main market, he cast spells in order to prevent any kind of healing to take place. To his amazement, the meeting had 17 people delivered from demon possession. Towards the end of the meeting, he came forward and knelt down asking for the power of God. He was later delivered from the spirit of witch craft and gave his life to the Lord. Few weeks later we got a report that he was killed by unknown people.
III. A 68 years old pastor in Congo, being the oldest student of the academy, started using the materials of the academy and grew the church from 65 to 210 members in 7 months. Getting frustrated earlier and many times wanted to quit his pastoral ministry, he couldn’t believe this life transforming materials he learnt. In his own words he says, “My son, why did you take so long to come here with this kind of materials?”
IV. A senior headman in Solwezi gave his life to Christ and was later baptized in both water and the Holy Spirit. A staunch Jehovah’s Witness for over 40 years has now started a village church with 31 members of his household transformed and baptized into water. An amazing man who is not ashamed to share his new found faith. Whenever possible, our brother will need a bicycle.
V. A group of 40 pastors of Petauke district in the eastern province who were recently introduced to the academy unanimously agreed to drop their “theology” which never brought fruit in their ministry. Grasped the principles laid in “How to heal the sick” by Stuart Gramenz and started healing explosions in their Sunday services. Pastor Banda of Over comers Ministries saw instant results. A young lady had a back problem for 3 years and she could not walk straight. After attending the healing explosion, she was instantly healed. Many have come to Know Jesus through this healing. The church has grown from 40 to 120 members in 4 weeks. 120 disciples of Jesus were baptized into water in 2 days during students outreach in market places. Our 3 master trainers in this district may need some second hand bicycles to reach the outskirts villages. The harvest truly is over ripe.
VI. Reports reaching my office indicate an explosion of church growth is taking place in Kenya. Emmanuel, our key contact person has been doing some amazing things through the academy. Having attended the academy in Zambia for 2 weeks, he went charged up, started teaching his leaders and members on power evangelism. The results and impact have been phenomenal. His church has grown from 80 to 350 in only 9 months. The Zambian team is making arrangement to visit Kenya and consolidate the work on the ground.
Future strategies.
Having seen the expansion and positive growth of the academy in the last 3 years, the Lord is strongly impressing upon my heart on the need to promote the spirit of “program ownership” among our key team members. This will obviously face a lot of resistance from some of the team members. The mindset that the west should continue pouring money in the African field can be so cancerous and has made the African church remain dependant on foreign aid. This in my view is not right. The movement in Africa should be spearheaded by the local people, with self supporting which promotes a sense of responsibility. I have to quickly let you know that the path am about to take will face a lot of opposition and very dangerous. I will need your prayers and support. In the last half of the year 2016, my energy will concentrate on scoring this policy and principle. By God’s grace, l would love to visit the countries where the presence of the academy is and play a part to lay an apostolic foundation of “program ownership”.
The requests of funds through my office are alarming towards the academy. The buck falls on the leader and l am ready to take this avenue. Africa has to be transformed by Africans.
Winners in Him!!!




Update July/Aug 2015

Life changing story


Emeldah Musole, a widow, 49, is a soya beans-farmer in Chibombo district and is under the cooperative union that is being headed by Jacob Phiri of Kabala farm. Emeldah was repatriated from Chibolya community of Lusaka 8 years ago. Having seen the difficulties she had encountered in Lusaka with her 6 children, she decided to join 3 families that had volunteered to move from Lusaka to Chibombo district. Emeldah now owns a 10 hectare piece of land in her name. She is a member of the village called Mukwashi, which is made up of mainly women farmers. 

“I started growing soya beans seven years ago. We were some of the first farmers in the village to grow soya beans. Most farmers grew the traditional crop, maize and were mainly for consumption. Our leader, Pastor Phiri, brought different agricultural extension officers who taught us various methods of farming and more encouraging to me was the conservation type of farming. As new as it sounded, the method was simple and cheap”. I am glad that in the past 5 years, my farm has developed. I now own 3 cows, 12 goats and many chickens. After this year’s farming season, l have raised over K11, 000 (USD1300). I will forever be grateful to Pastor Phiri for encouraging me to take up farming.

Kabala Farm

The farm has continued to be a shining example to many villages in Chief Chitanda area, Chibombo district. Despite very unfavorable rain fall pattern in the 2014/2015 planting season, the farm again has recorded another bumper harvest. We have scored the first and the food reserve agency gave our farm and cooperative first priority in selling our produce to them. All of our surplus maize, beans and groundnuts have been sold and in the next week or so, payments will be paid in full. Our surplus crop has raised USD 6050. Though some of the money will be ploughed back, we are so excited and encouraged by this continued growth of our farm. We can safely say, the farm has become completely self reliant and financing.


But there is still room for expansion and increase the financial base of the farm. We will need if possible a water bore hole. We can longer wait for rains to use our land. We want to start handy irrigation to water the field for vegetables mainly tomatoes and onions. These two crops are fetching huge sums of money on the open market. When this is done, we see the huge burden of school fees reduced by more than 50% as funds from the produce will go towards our annual school fees and other school requirements. Besides the water bore hole we will need 300 X 200M of wire mesh commonly known as chicken wire. This will help us to fence the proposed land to be used for vegetables. Our chief and head woman is excited for this proposed initiative. We would want to set the pace and continue to become role models in as far as food security is concerned.


It is very evident that through our farm and cooperative great gains have been recorded and impact felt in our members. Some of them being;


  1. A sense of self worth and value has been increased in our members.
  2. Dignity has been restored in many homes as family heads are able to provide for their families.
  3. Families are now saving in forms of cattle, goats and chickens. ( livestock can be sold anytime at an open market whenever families are in need of funds)


Here are the facts and figures from kabala farm’s harvest.



950 x 50kg bags

Soya beans

450 X 50Kg bags

Sweet beans

305 X 50Kg bags


172 X 50Kg bags


94  X 50Kg Bags






Farm Challenges and needs


  1. 1.   Water bore hole  USD 4200

Wire mesh           USD 1800

Harvest Mission Church Report

To : Area, Zone u0026amp; Section Leaders in Harvest Mission Church.

     : Network Ministers in various ministries under Harvest Mission Church.

 Greetings from the Bishop’s desk!

May the peace, love and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. I thank God for all of you servants of God that have worked tirelessly for His Kingdom. When l look behind of what the Lord has done in 2014, I can only say, “To God be the Glory, for the great things He has done”.

I thank all of you that gathered and worshiped with us on December 29, 2014 and also on January 4, 2015. The total attendance of both meetings came to 940. I am aware that we had a lot challenges in organizing these meetings. Many of our delegates slept on the floor for 2 days in classrooms but yet without complaining. Our meals especially during dinner time were not adequate, the washing rooms were few and this resulted in so many of you reporting late for the morning sessions. Our organizing committee had budgeted for 700 delegates for both meetings, but the number increased by over 200 delegates. As l said on the closing day of our conference and l would want to say it again. On behalf of the organizing team and indeed on my own behalf, l sincerely apologize from deep down of my heart. Sorry for making you go through those challenges during the conference. I learnt a lot from those challenges and I promise that our next meetings to be held in December 2016 will be better.

But here are the highlights of our meetings.

  1. The network ministries from various churches and denominations have grown from 47 to 79 churches/ ministries.
  2. The total number of Pastors u0026amp; leaders in the network now stands at 840
  3. The total number of house churches planted in 2014 stands at 1065 which brings the total number of house churches to 3847 in the network.
  4. The total number of water baptisms in 2014 is 12,450 disciples.
  5. The fastest growing province is Copperbelt with 270 Pastors/Leaders followed by Lusaka province with 210 Pastors/Leaders
  6. The slowest growing province is North Western and Western Provinces. As agreed, our concentration is to mobilize resources and masters trainers to help these 2 provinces. (Witchcraft u0026amp; Traditions is the identified main strong holds of the provinces)
  7. Chibombo district is the fastest rural growing district. ( Kabala farm is situated in this district) The churches in this area are called Village or family churches and are led by Village headmen which give us big advantages. The head men are basically “persons of peace”. In the past one year, we have had 3,700 baptisms. These are disciples who are illiterates. All meetings are conducted in lenje local language.

Administrative Changes.

  • Presiding Overseer for Administration: Pastor Fee Mwape (Kitwe)
  • Presiding Overseer for Training: Pastor Elias Simwaba (Lusaka)
  • Presiding Overseer for strategic outreach/ planning u0026amp; development: Pastor George Kampamba (Lusaka)
  • Presiding Overseer for Pastor’s welfare u0026amp; Development: Pastor Keith Kapembwa (Mazabuka)
  • Presiding Overseer for Rural outreaches: Headman Kafushi Lyson (Chibombo)

The conference leadership agreed on the request of the Presiding Bishop Jacob Phiri, to take a back seat but was elected as the Ministry advisor and consultant after being satisfied that the vision has been understood and embraced. Our main emphasis in our network is to develop in house home grown leadership. When leaders are identified and developed, the pace setters have to pave way for the new leaders to display their abilities and gifts.

Challenges u0026amp; Setbacks

  • 3 of our Pastors have left the network and gone back to “Traditional Church” settings and are now meeting every Sunday in big auditoriums. About 1000 disciples followed these Pastors labeling the rest of the network as a cult.
  • Some of the traditional Pastors in Lusaka city have ganged up against Bishop Jacob Phiri. They don’t want him to appear on Radio Christian Voice station where an hour has been allocated to him every week on Saturday.
  • The departure of senior Headman Mukwashi from the area has negatively affected the growth of the church in Napundwe area. Let us continue to pray for the new person of peace or else the church planting movement in the area may be eradicated. The traditional church is waging war against our movement and labeling it as a cult.
  • Let us continue to pray for our former Presiding Bishop’s health.

 2015 Targets

  • Malawi u0026amp; Zimbabwe are the next new frontier to be targeted.
  • Congo D.R to be a gate way to French speaking countries.
  • Our former presiding Bishop J. Phiri will spearhead the outreaches in Malawi u0026amp; Zimbabwe until the local nationals have been identified to carry the torch. A time frame of one year was given to the task.
  • Raise enough resources to help the outreach programs. The network ministry identified the need of having 2 reliable vehicles for this venture.

Please send your reports and feedback direct to our new Presiding Overseer in charge of Administration Pastor Fee Mwape at: harvestmission67@gmail.com



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