Capital: Harare


Population: (2009, World Health Organization): 12.5 million.
Annual population growth rate (2010 World Bank est.): 0.8%. (Note: the population growth rate is depressed by an HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate estimated to be 14.3%.)

Ethnic groups: Shona 71%, Ndebele 16%, other African 11%, white 1%, mixed and Asian 1%. People Groups: 44


Languages: English (official), Shona, Ndebele.


Religions: Christianity 75%, (56% Independent, 31% Protestant, 13%RC), Ethnic 19%, offshoot Christian sects, animist, and Muslim. 6%


Type: Parliamentary.

Branches: Executive–President (head of state and head of government), Mr Mugabe

Prime Minister (co-head of government), Cabinet. Mr Tsvangirai (Changirai)

Legislative–bicameral (House of Assembly and Senate).

Judicial–Supreme Court, High Court, Magistrates Courts, Labor Court, customary courts.

Living Conditions: GDP per head is $594 as against Botswana $6200. There is improvement since US$ became the currency, especially in tourist areas such as Victoria Falls but not in rural areas. A small budget surplus has been reported but thousands of families have been uprooted and live in poverty. Elections are dominated by violence and intimidation. 600 cases of Cholera have been reported raising fears of a major epidemic. Formal education is encouraged and literacy is high.



The two main tribes have a history of conflict but were subjugated during the period of white colonialism which finally ended in 1990 after years of insurgency and a period of Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Ian Smith. During this latter time the UN enforced economic and other sanctions which reduced the standard of living. After legal independence, Mr Robert Mugabe, one of the armed leaders, took control and instituted many programmes which were destructive to the country’s welfare. Political parties tend to be tribal and corruption is rife. Agricultural land was reallocated to inexperienced ex-soldiers and the nation is now an importer of food.


Pray for:

  • A return to peace and prosperity for this troubled nation

  • Peaceful and fair elections throughout the nation.

  • A threatening cholera epidemic to be halted.

  • A move of the Holy Spirit to bring a transformation of the nation.

  • Victory over tribalism, greed, corruption and poverty which hold the nation in bondage.

  • A raising up of equipped church leaders with a vision for reaching the whole nation for Christ.

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