Our friend Jay Judson on Thailand:

Answering Buddhist’s Objections to the Good News of Jesus. We are seeing a new breakthrough that is happening among Thai people for the last 2 yrs. (No, I will not say where or who, so pls don’t ask) Buddhist have a difficult time with the concept of God’s Wrath or God’s Justice. “So your God killed people in the Red Sea? “Our Buddha says don’t kill”. We answer 1. God of the Bible is a Compassionate Mission_ry God from Creation to Christ to Acts. 2. God of the Bible is a God of Justice. We can clearly see His Justice in the Old Testament and We can clearly see His Great Compassion in the NT. 3. Buddha also had stories about Wrath and Justice. In one of those stories the Evil One comes to Buddha and the Water Washes him away. Why would Buddha let suffering like this happen? Justice! to learn more how to understand the 8 Common Objections of Buddhist with Bridges see our site. www.jojcoaches.org.       

Youtube videos by Jay – training to reach Buddhists (recommended)             





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