Prophetic Word first given Saturday 15 October 2018 at Granville Red Dirt Church by David Christmas

The background: 2002 When walking a rainforest walk circuit seeking God’s direction, I reached a muddy section and heard a voice behind me say, “Prepare the way of the Lord.”  I looked around but there was no one there.  The command was repeated, and I have remembered this event many times since. Taking my cue from John the Baptist I understood this to mean preach repentance, but my attempts were rejected.

2008 I had a dream which was so vivid that I remembered it in the morning, which is very unusual, and subsequently wrote it down. I was beside an old Land Rover at the top of a hill when it started to roll forward.  I tried to reach through the window to apply the hand brake but was unable to reach it.  The vehicle gathered speed and only stopped when it ran into an old farmhouse at the bottom.  As the engine was still running it ignited a fire and I entered the building to give warning to the many people inside.  First, I opened drawers and found only piles of documents relating to finance; invoices, bills and a few receipts.  I hurried on and shouted to the first group of people that they must get out as there was a fire, of which they appeared ignorant, but was met with hostility or just ignored.  The next group said that they knew about the fire, but they had plenty of time and were warming themselves in the meantime.  The third group took heed and got out.

At the time when I entered the building, I was holding a new-born baby but by the end of the dream the baby was a year old.

I asked the Lord for the interpretation of the dream.  He showed me the vehicle was society.  He had taken off the brake, his restraint, and it was hurtling to its own destruction and was consumed with money.  I was to give warning but only a few would take heed.  The time period for giving the warning would be one year. I shared this with some people, but I felt the time was not right.

2013   I read Ezek 33 and interpreted the ministry of the watchman as intercession, so attended Australian Prayer Network training programmes but being deeply involved with a work in Zambia I could not make this a priority.

2015 Rereading Ezek 33 I now understood the true task of the watchman but still did not have a specific word from the Lord to declare.  However, the calling of 2002, the dream of 2008 and the call as watchman were still heavy on my heart.

2018 In October after seeking God, I know he said, “Now is the time.”  I therefore shared with the group with whom I fellowship, the Red Dirt Church, Granville and then in the Church of the True Light, a Chinese Anglican church in Singapore.  I also wrote to my friend, the pastor I work with in Zambia, Bishop Dr Jacob Phiri, a godly man who would not judge this prophesy as true just because of our friendship. His judgment is below.

The Prophecy

I love my creation and it is not my will that any should perish but that all should turn from their ways and live.  But they will not cry out to me until they come to the point where they can no longer help themselves.  Therefore, I am sending a financial crisis which will affect the whole world and bring a depression worse than that of 1928.  Rich people will lose everything and see their carefully prepared nest eggs disappear.  Famine, plague, conflict will multiply until mankind humbles himself and repents of his idolatry and blasphemy.

My people will suffer along with the world, but I will care for them and unbelievers will be astonished as they see believers sharing what little they have with them in love.  Those who cry out to me will receive my love but those whose hearts are hardened will persecute my people physically and through unjust laws, seeking to force them to deny my son Jesus.

Stand firm.  Love one another.  Encourage one another.  Serve one another.

Our request: if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, w lay it now before you for your judgement and the request that, if you consider it to be the Word of the Lord, you broadcast it as he shows you.

Jacob Phiri comments: Without any shadow of doubt, that’s from the Lord. The Lord gave me a similar message which I delivered at a PAOG conference early this year. It was not received well but few pastors have come back to me to confirm the word.  You need a bigger platform to proclaim His word for the dying generation. That word is not just for the west but the entire globe.  You can’t keep silent my brother until those who need to hear, get the message. The Lord is calling his people back to him for an un-compromised relationship. My brother you are not carrying a sweet message but a warning for God’s creation.

Psalm 137:6 roughly says “If I do not remember you, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth”. I can paraphrase that my brother without any blasphemy, “You can’t be silent about the word of the Lord, or you tongue will cling to the roof of your mouth”. That sounds dangerous. But I will say to you my dear brother, that the Lord has given you an insight of the pending doom for those who won’t heed His word. Therefore, prophesy my brother, prophesy.

Robin Corner comments: I believe this is of God, and that it is the right time. Interesting. A couple of years ago when I was in Kenya it seemed the Lord said “I want to raise up John the Baptist ministries in this nation”. I got the impression this was not only for Kenya but for all the nations. John the Baptist was wholly consecrated to the cause of God. His sense of righteousness was so acute that he was unafraid to denounce Herod for his sexual dallying’s. He surely would have known it could cost him his life. The John the Baptist ministry today will not shrink from denouncing homosexuality, pornography, abortion, promiscuity and corruption and will present genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to avoid the wrath of God. He will not shrink from addressing false prophets in the church who offer forgiveness on the basis of a superficial prayer without true conversion and commitment to the way of the cross.

I had a similar experience to the one David describes first. My experience was in about 1998 as I walked round a lake off the beaten track. I found myself shouting at the top of my voice “Let every valley be exalted, every mountain laid low – prepare the way of the Lord!” I had a clear impression God was going to do something dramatic. I have seen Him do many dramatic things since then – but not yet the widespread repentance and turning to God I was yearning for.  

What a fascinating dream! This was certainly from the Lord. (Joel 2:28) Very interesting to consider the time. About a month ago I listened to a message from the late David Wilkerson which somehow catalysed a new articulation of what God has been showing me over many years. 

The only thing I would question in David’s prophecy is “multiply until mankind humbles himself and repents of his idolatry and blasphemy”. We know this is not going to happen. Many are set on the broad road to destruction, and few there be who find the narrow way to life. It is getting harder and harder for the non-believer to know where to turn, with so many voices with such different messages. Only God can change this. The Bible says “where sin abounds, grace shall much more abound”. So, there is hope for many multitudes, but not for mankind as a whole.

Rev 9:20 But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk.

Incidentally, David wrote the notes on the African countries on this website. He has had a burden for Africa for many years, and has rendered wonderful and faithful service to that continent, and in particular, Zambia, over many years.

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