I am founder and director of the AIPM, Africa International Prayer and Missions Movement, I adopted the CPM methodology for our Church planting. The missionaries mainly conducted the CPM through the divine encounter. For example at one time villagers brought a mentally ill person name Gudina to the missionary named Ashenafi and Tekalign. The missionaries prayed for this man through prayer and fasting. After three days of fasting and prayer this man was totally healed. 18 people immediately came to Christ seeing the divine encounter. His witch doctor father also immediately accepted Christ. Hearing this news 13 people brought a newlywed demonized woman name Dirole to the AIPM missionaries. As missionaries started the prayer immediately evil spirits left her and all of the 13 people, who brought her carried accepted Christ. Dirole is now serving in the Choir and Gudina is preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in the villages of his own and others. Praise to be to the Lord almighty, Amen!!


Desta Langena June2013

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