Three thirds meeting notes by Robin Corner, 222 Network; 

First Third – Look Back: 

  1. Member Care  – during the section, ask all the trainees what they’ve been doing during the week, do they have any special needs for prayer etc.
  2. Worship and Prayer – this can be singing, prayer, gifts of the Holy Spirit, whatever suits the group.
  3. Loving Accountability – this section is one of the most important sections on the meeting. All the trainees should have set goals for following and fishing during the previous week’s meeting. Here is where we follow up and find out if people achieve their goals. The more experienced trainees can help the less experienced ones by giving them tips how they can achieve their goals in the coming week.
  4. Vision Casting – this is to remind all the trainees of the goals of the No Place Left movement.  Use Matt 22:37-40 to talk about close relationship with God, and Matt 28:18-20 to build the vision for “No Place Left (where the Gospel has not been preached – Rom 15:23)” 

Second Third – Look Up: 

  1. New Lesson – the theme is “close relationship and two-way communication with God is the goal of the life of faith and should be the foremost goal for all of us.” Everybody knows John 3:16, but what is “eternal life”. Jesus defined eternal life in John 17:3 – “that they may know (have a close relationship with) you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You sent.”
  2. Scriptures to read: John 3:16; John 17:3; John 10:4; John10:27.
  3. The New Testament Christians sought to get their ideas and instructions from God personally rather than get them from a book, however great the book.
  4. The main passage to read and discuss is Joshua 1:1-9. The men of God in the Old Testament had the same goal to know God personally. See how God personally gives Joshua his instructions.
  5. Questions to ask re Joshua 1:1-9:
  1. Which books of the Bible did Joshua have?
  2. How did he know what he was supposed to do?
  3. How did he know God was with him?
  4. How do you think he felt about this meeting with God?
  5. How do you feel about the truths expressed in this passage?
  6. How will you put what you have learned into practice in the coming week?


Final Third – Look Ahead:

  1. Practice – do the following “Hearing from God” exercise: JUST ONE WORD[1]

See Youtube video for tips for trainers on how to teach this section:

  1. Tell participants to get into groups of four and sit in a tight circle. In this activation exercise participants will believe God for an individual word of encouragement for each member in the group.
  2. Each of the people in your group has a calling of God on their life. They have talents, strengths, and gifts and fruits of the Spirit operating or waiting to emerge.
  3. We will to ask the Lord to reveal those giftings. You may receive words such as “longsuffering”, “bold” or “peacemaker” for members of your group.
  4. It could be a small phrase like “gifts of healing”, “ full of faith” or “a great encourager”.
  5. Our experience has shown that as we take one step of faith it increases the likelihood of receiving a word.
  6. We will lay hands on the person in the middle of your circle and then ask each of you to speak out what the Lord has for them. Speak out the first thing or picture that comes to mind.
  7. As the words over a person finish, ask them if the words they heard apply to them.
  8. If the person agrees with your word, it will be a confirmation that you have heard from the Lord.
  9. When you have finished with that person, the next will sit in the middle. Repeat this until all in your group are finished.
  10. Have a few testify that the words they received were of the Lord. 
  1. 7.           Goal Setting and Prayeranother vitally important segment of the meeting. Don’t finish the meeting without challenging the trainees to set discipleship goals, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in both the 2 main areas – “following” and “fishing”. Following goals relate to our growth in relationship with Christ. They could be. For example, getting to work. It’s from the Lord, reading a book of the Bible, putting aside a regular prayer time, meeting with a prayer partner etc. Fishing goals relate to accomplishing Christ’s mission on Earth. They could be a minimum number of people to share the gospel with, or sharing specific people, family map, or to evangelise a given area and seek a house of peace. Whatever goals, the Holy Spirit leads the participants to set, they will be reporting on during the Loving accountability segment in the first third of the meeting.




[1] Adapted from Stuart Gramenz, Spirit-led Academy, Australia. Re-printed with permission.

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