We had an issue at our house church this week. I’m battling with parkinson’s disease and have been for some years. One woman brought me a written article from some sort of Christian ministry on causes of parkinsons and how to deal with it. Parts of the article were highlighted in yellow and there was an accompanying note. She clearly thought she was bringing God’s revelation on the topic. I did not agree with some aspects and brought it to the church to see what all the brothers and sisters thought. The woman who brought me the message was greatly offended that I should bring her letter to the church, saying she only wanted to give me some personal help. I think she is right out of order – I’m a strong advocate that if anybody brings some sort of prophecy or something they claim is revelation of some kind (and I hope they do), they should be prepared for it to be judged by the church. Here is some good teaching on the topic by my good friend and board member of 222 Foundation, Stuart Gramenz:

Does all prophecy need to be judged?

Let two or three prophets speak out and let the others judge.” 1 Cor. 14:29

If prophecy is simply an exhortative prophecy in line with basic Scriptural promises, it can obviously be evaluated on that basis.
e.g. “My child, the Lord desires to mould you and equip you and bring out the hidden potential that lies within you.”
A prophecy such as this can easily be evaluated as being in line with the Word.
If, however, it goes beyond exhortation, edification and comfort into guidance, instruction, revelation or reproving, it needs to be evaluated.
For instance, if the prophecy went on to say, “But you have not been obedient to the voice of the Lord and tomorrow you will journey to India and there I have an apostolic ministry for you”, this has gone beyond ‘all’ kind of prophecy into a prophet’s ministry and needs to be judged.
There are self appointed ‘prophets’ moving in the Body. Their motive is not love but self interest and are desirous to draw people to themselves.
Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit.
If you have outside prophecies over you, (by people you do not really know or fully trust) try to have them recorded. If this is not possible, then ask the person to give or discuss the prophetic word in the presence of someone who can judge it. If they will refuse to do that, the motive can then be judged as someone who is self seeking or having an independent spirit. The prophecy at best will most probably be a mixture of flesh and Spirit, so ignore it.


• You must be prepared for correction.
• Don’t learn at the expense of other people.
• You must overcome the fear of man. This comes through a wholehearted commitment to thinking about them rather than your ministry.
• Whilst learning don’t start with, “Thus saith the Lord…” but in humility say, “I sense this…” 
• After giving the word you can simply ask, “Do you witness to this?”

From Partners in His Power, Stuart Gramenz

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