Remarkable things are happening on the ground as missions partners and trainees get about the business of starting small house churches, training them to multiply, and training them to walk with Jesus day by day, seeking his directions, and being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Reports are coming in from Kenya and Uganda of real healings starting to be experienced. According to Godfrey (a co-worker in Kenya – not his real name), they recently prayed for a woman “with an issue of blood just like in the Bible.” She was completely healed, and quite a number came to faith in Christ and got baptised as a result. The church planting team are really excited. A little while later there followed another notable healing, with a crippled man able to walk again. The real climax of this experience of God’s presence and power came when Godfrey prayed for a boy who had tragically died. Praise God, who is still the same as in the days when Jesus walked the earth, the boy was literally raised from the dead and totally healed. He had been to Kampala to hospital to find a cure without success, but at the prayer of Godfrey, Jesus completely healed him. Godfrey said “the father was very happy”!

As told to Robin C June 2013

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