1.     Report on house of peace search, 27 and 28 Sept, 2016, Kakamega, Kenya; Bishop John Musila

Group 1: OLIVIA MMBAKA (leader), Penina Mikali, Josephat Shimejero, and Jackline Lubutse), Imachina CPM group. The group prayed for two sick people, Susan and Joseph Masheti. Both received healing from the Lord. They opened a new CPM group at the home of the family of 5.

Group 2: Rev. CHRISTOPHER MUDI (leader), Janet Inzei and Juliet Mmpaka. The group prayed for the area Chief. The Chief and his wife both accepted Jesus.

Group 3: Pastor Zadock Muhanji (leader), Pastor Joel Ndunde, and Everlyn Bukutsa. They went to the nearest primary school, Shinyikha Primary Shool, and prayed for the pupils. They also prayed for all 14 teachers and six of them accepted Jesus.

Group 4: Pastor Simon Shikuku (leader), Rev. MOSES ANDACHILA and Pastor Caro Night. They went into Kakamega County Hospital to pray for people. 20 people accepted Jesus as the saviour of their lives. 12people  invited the team to their homes.

Group 5: Pastor Protus  Mmasi (leader), Pastor Imbenzi. Report to come.

2.       Feedback from training meeting 28 Sept, 2016. Topic: A-groups

General feedback: Jennifer now has 15 groups, extending to her third generation (fourth generation in the 222 network). Esther has 30 people in her group, and also daughter groups. Both are part of Gloria Adagi’s network. People’s lives are greatly changed. Most in Jennifer’s and Esther’s groups were born again before the CPM, but are now learning how to serve the Lord, and engaging in Bible study, prayer and worship. Some groups meet several times per week. Jennifer was given Isaiah 51:1-2 and feels inspired to have the faith of Abraham. Some groups are being very successful in reaching non-believers from other cultures. There are five CPM groups of these folk now.

One difficulty has been local pastors opposing the CPM because they thought the CPM was “stealing their sheep”, but Gloria has visited a number of them. They have been won over and now are supportive, as they have seen the improved spiritual lives of the participants. 

Robin trained the team on how to run A-groups, and two A-groups were started.

1. Gloria, Jennifer and Esther

2. Bishop John, Isaac and Josiah

Robin with Bishop John in Nairobi

Kenya: 21 June 2016

Disciples busy after CPM training in May


Kenya: 8 Jan 2016

God is birthing something in Kenya! Gloria Mwenesi Adagi and Galvine Inyanji were training Gloria’s group in Kakamega (see pic). I was training Moses’ group in Nairobi (by video-conference). The training was on facilitating a three thirds meeting, and conducting a house of peace search. You can see it on Youtube here:


Home fellowships are multiplying in Kenya. This report from Galvine Inyanji:


April 2015


The nephew’s death is slowly getting off. (Her nephew was murdered by extremists)




Total home fellowships started: Vihiga 840, Bungoma 920, Cheptais 10 ,Monbasa tezo 8, Narobi Embakasi 4 and Lwakhakha7 Total 1789 home fellowships but when the Lord is about to do something, always the devil rises up though we fight to be winners from Exodus 14;10-14.



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