This is the brief report of House Churches Movement in Myanmar

I went to New Zealand in 2003 and became friend with pastor Tony Collis and his wife Lynette.He came to
Myanmar ( 4 ) times in 2005, introduced and shared us the ministry of Micro Churches Movement.

Pastor Tony conducted the seminars in 4 different cities in Myanmar in 2005.  We came to understand the
differences of Elephant church and Rabbit church.  Our spiritual eyes became open to see and to know the
strategies of planting Micro churches and Micro Businesses.

Pastor Tony keeps in touch with us by equipping and supporting to plant the micro churches and micro
businesses in the different regions in Myanmar. This is great previledges for our people to be saved.

After first seminar in early 2005 we started planting micro churches:

Month /Year           No of Micro Churches               No of Believers

March 2005                             20                                       63
Dec 2005                              152                                      751
Jan 2006                               181                                      895
Sept 2006                             503                                   2,507
Jan 2007                            1,217                                   5,735
Dec 2007                           3,700                                  13,300
Jan 2008                            3,840                                  13,860
Oct 2008                            3,953                                  13,922
Jan 2009                            5,189                                  20,237
June 2009                          6,119                                  23,159

Due to Nagis cyclone on 2nd May 2008, at least 400 micro churches and 1,600 believers were lost in the
delta region, Myanmar.

We can equip, train and produce micro church leaders in the different places in Myanmar. We also train the
new believers to become the spiritual mature christians and to be good followers of Jesus Christ. We can
create micro businesses to support their local house churches to grow more leaders, more micro
churches and more new believers.

Praise God for extending and expanding His Kingdom in Myanmar by the strategies of House Church Movement

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