Report on New Zealand, 5 Dec, 2018 : New Zealand is thoroughly destroying its past foundations in Biblical truth, and substituting liberal humanism instead. When I try to initiate a spiritual conversation about Christianity, the response from many people is to promptly avoid the topic. Scarcely anybody wants to have a serious conversation on spirituality, unless it’s about Buddhism or Hinduism. Meanwhile our Prime Minister sets a role model as a young unmarried mother who favours even more liberal abortion laws. It has been muted that abortion even at full term may be legal under the coming new law. In this we would join the US, where the abortionist can legally kill the baby as it’s being born by breaking the skull and sucking out the brains, as long as some part (eg just the foot) is still in the vaginal canal. Once the baby comes right out it magically assumes a new persona and suddenly becomes worthy of protection by the law. If the abortionist were to kill it now, they would be committing murder. This absurdity is how it is now in the US, and some of our legislators want the same laws here. Politicians want to see abortion reclassified as a health issue rather than a moral issue. Most see the only weighty issue as being the woman’s sovereignty over her body, and ignore the weightier moral issue of the life of the child.    

Pornography is flooding into the country to such an extent that a large percentage of young people have seen it, and a not insignificant number learn about sex from it, or are addicted to it. It has been said that a whole generation of boys are basing their attitudes to women on pornography. On television lesbianism and homosexuality are displayed even on programmes that were traditionally family shows. “Recreational” drugs are rampant especially among young people and there have been I think 20 deaths through synthetic cannabis. “P” is the drug of choice for many, and many horrible crimes are committed under its influence. Suicide, abuse, and mental illness are all on the increase, as in Jeremiah’s metaphor we leave behind a wonderful fountain of fresh, clean and living water and instead substitute a cracked, rusty and leaky old tank which doesn’t hold any water anyway (see Jeremiah 2). Jeremiah spoke out this metaphor in a time when his state of Judah was experiencing a similar moral slide to ours today. The Lord sent Jeremiah to warn, in the hope that the people would take the message to heart and change, but sadly they never did. How will it be in our era?

Meanwhile where is the Church in all of this? Report to be continued by 12 Dec

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