Adleta, Liz – South Africa, USA – Reaching the Forgotten Fourth

Adleta, Liz – The Indispensable Key to the Unfinished Task

Balcombe, Dennis – The Role of Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Miraculous in Evangelism

C,J – Mission – Funders Point of View

Choudhrie, Victor – Apostolic Gardens

Choudhrie, Victor – Fifty Days of Harvest 2010

Choudhrie, Victor – Global Trends

Dale, Felicity – USA – Open Meetings

F, Mitsuo – A changed family life, the most powerful evangelistic weapon

Fraser – Ian – Impressions of India 2009

John – Robin – Filling the earth with the knowledge of God’s glory

Lim – David – Vision and mission of the global house church movement

Pereira, Bessie – Australia – Networking house churches

Simson, Wolfgang – Global House Church Summit – 200 million churches to go

Simson, Wolfgang – House Church with a Mission

Simson, Wolfgang – Report – Seeking God in Antioch 2009

Smith – Bill – Reproducing is natural

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