Name (official name) Flag Capital Currency Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$) Map
Algeria[4](People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria) Algeria Algiers Algerian dinar Arabic 2,381,740 33,333,216 7,124 Location Algeria AU Africa.svg
Angola[5](Republic of Angola) Angola Luanda Kwanza Portuguese 1,246,700 15,941,000 2,813

Location Angola AU Africa.svg

(Republic of Benin)
Benin Porto Novo West African CFA franc French 112,622 8,439,000 1,176 Location Benin AU Africa.svg
Botswana[7](Republic of Botswana) Botswana Gaborone Pula English,Setswana 581,726 1,839,833 11,400 Location Botswana AU Africa.svg
Burkina Faso[8]
(Burkina Faso)
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou West African CFA franc French 274,000 13,228,000 1,284 Location Burkina Faso AU Africa.svg
Burundi[9](Republic of Burundi) Burundi Bujumbura Burundi franc Kirundi,French 27,830 7,548,000 739 Location Burundi AU Africa.svg
Cameroon[10](Republic of Cameroon) Cameroon Yaoundé Central African CFA franc French,English 475,442 17,795,000 2,421 Location Cameroon AU Africa.svg
Cape Verde[11](Republic of Cape Verde) Cape Verde Praia Cape Verdean escudo Portuguese 4,033 420,979 6,418 Location Cape Verde AU Africa.svg
Central African Republic[12](Central African Republic) Central African Republic Bangui Central African CFA franc Sango,French 622,984 4,216,666 1,198 Location Central African Republic AU Africa.svg
Chad[13](Republic of Chad) Chad N’Djamena Central African CFA franc French,Arabic 1,284,000 10,146,000 1,519 Location Chad AU Africa.svg
Comoros[14](Union of the Comoros) Comoros Moroni Comorian franc Arabic,French,Comorian 2,235 798,000 1,660 Location Comoros AU Africa.svg
Côte d’Ivoire[15](Republic of Côte d’Ivoire) Côte d'Ivoire Yamoussoukro West African CFA franc French 322,460 17,654,843 1,600 Location Côte d'Ivoire AU Africa.svg
Democratic Republic of the Congo[16][n 1](Democratic Republic of the Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Congolese franc French 2,344,858 71,712,867 774 Location DR Congo AU Africa.svg
Republic of the Congo[17][n 2](Republic of the Congo) Republic of the Congo Brazzaville Central African CFA franc French 342,000 4,012,809 3,919 Location Republic of the Congo AU Africa.svg
Djibouti[18](Republic of Djibouti) Djibouti Djibouti Djiboutian Franc Arabic,French 23,200 909,837 2,070 Location Djibouti AU Africa.svg
Egypt[19][n 3](Arab Republic of Egypt) Egypt Cairo Egyptian Pound Arabic 1,001,449 80,335,036 4,836 Location Egypt AU Africa.svg
Equatorial Guinea[20](Republic of Equatorial Guinea) Equatorial Guinea Malabo Central African CFA franc Spanish,French,Portuguese 28,051 504,000 16,312 Location Equatorial Guinea AU Africa.svg
(State of Eritrea)
Eritrea Asmara Nakfa Tigrinya,Arabic,English 117,600 5,880,000 1,000 Location Eritrea AU Africa.svg
Ethiopia[22](Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) Ethiopia Addis Ababa Ethiopian birr Amharic,English 1,104,300 85,237,338 4,567 Location Ethiopia AU Africa.svg
Gabon[23](Gabonese Republic) Gabon Libreville Central African CFA franc French 267,668 1,384,000 7,055 Location Gabon AU Africa.svg
Gambia[24](Republic of The Gambia) The Gambia Banjul Dalasi English 10,380 1,517,000 2002 Location Gambia AU Africa.svg
Ghana[25](Republic of Ghana) Ghana Accra Ghanaian cedi English 238,534 23,000,000 2,700 Location Ghana AU Africa.svg
Guinea[26](Republic of Guinea) Guinea Conakry Guinean franc French 245,857 9,402,000 2,035 Location Guinea AU Africa.svg
Guinea-Bissau[27](Republic of Guinea-Bissau) Guinea-Bissau Bissau West African CFA franc Portuguese 36,125 1,586,000 736 Location Guinea Bissau AU Africa.svg
Kenya[28](Republic of Kenya) Kenya Nairobi Kenyan shilling Swahili,English 580,367 34,707,817 1,445 Location Kenya AU Africa.svg
Lesotho[29](Kingdom of Lesotho) Lesotho Maseru Loti Southern Sotho,English 30,355 1,795,000 2,113 Location Lesotho AU Africa.svg
Liberia[30](Republic of Liberia) Liberia Monrovia Liberian dollar English 111,369 3,283,000 1,003 Location Liberia AU Africa.svg
(Republic of Libya)
Libya Tripoli Libyan dinar Arabic 1,759,540 6,036,914 12,700 Location Libya AU Africa.svg
Madagascar[32](Republic of Madagascar) Madagascar Antananarivo Malagasy Ariary Malagasy,French 587,041 18,606,000 905 Location Madagascar AU Africa.svg
Malawi[33](Republic of Malawi) Malawi Lilongwe Malawian kwacha English,Chichewa 118,484 12,884,000 596 Location Malawi AU Africa.svg
(Republic of Mali)
Mali Bamako West African CFA franc French 1,240,192 13,518,000 1,154 Location Mali AU Africa.svg
Mauritania[35](Islamic Republic of Mauritania) Mauritania Nouakchott Mauritanian ouguiya Arabic 1,030,700 3,069,000 2,402 Location Mauritania AU Africa.svg
Mauritius[36](Republic of Mauritius) Mauritius Port Louis Mauritian rupee English 2,040 1,219,220 13,703 Location Mauritius AU Africa.svg
Morocco[37](Kingdom of Morocco) Morocco Rabat Moroccan dirham Arabic,Berber 710,850 (claimed), 446,550 (internationally recognized) 35,757,175 4,600 Location Morocco Africa.svg
Mozambique[38](Republic of Mozambique) Mozambique Maputo Mozambican metical Portuguese 801,590 20,366,795 1,389 Location Mozambique AU Africa.svg
Namibia[39](Republic of Namibia) Namibia Windhoek Namibian dollar English 825,418 2,031,000 7,478 Location Namibia AU Africa.svg
Niger[40](Republic of Niger) Niger Niamey West African CFA franc French 1,267,000 13,957,000 872 Location Niger AU Africa.svg
Nigeria[41](Federal Republic of Nigeria) Nigeria Abuja Nigerian naira English 923,768 154,729,000 1,188 Location Nigeria AU Africa.svg
Rwanda[42](Republic of Rwanda) Rwanda Kigali Rwandan franc Kinyarwanda,French,English 26,798 7,600,000 1,300 Location Rwanda AU Africa.svg
São Tomé and Príncipe[43](Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe) São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra Portuguese 964 157,000 1,266 Location São Tomé and Príncipe AU Africa.svg
Senegal[44](Republic of Senegal) Senegal Dakar West African CFA franc French 196,723 11,658,000 1,759 Location Senegal AU Africa.svg
Seychelles[45](Republic of Seychelles) Seychelles Victoria Seychellois rupee English,French,Seychellois Creole 451 80,654 11,818 Location Seychelles AU Africa.svg
Sierra Leone[46](Republic of Sierra Leone) Sierra Leone Freetown Leone English 71,740 6,144,562 903 Location Sierra Leone AU Africa.svg
Somalia[47](Somali Republic) Somalia Mogadishu Somali shilling Somali,Arabic 637,657 9,832,017 600 Location Somalia AU Africa.svg
South Africa[48](Republic of South Africa) South Africa Bloemfontein,Cape Town, andPretoria South African rand Afrikaans,English,Southern Ndebele,Northern Sotho,Sotho,Swati,Tsonga,Tswana,Venda,Xhosa,Zulu 1,221,037 47,432,000 12,161 Location South Africa AU Africa.svg
South Sudan(Republic of South Sudan)[49] South Sudan Juba South Sudanese pound English 644,329 8,260,490 Location South Sudan AU Africa.svg
Sudan[50](Republic of the Sudan) Sudan Khartoum Sudanese pound Arabic,English 1,861,484 36,787,012 2,300 Location Sudan-N AU Africa.svg
Swaziland[51](Kingdom of Swaziland) Swaziland Lobamba(royal and legislative)
Lilangeni English,Swati 17,364 1,032,000 5,245 Location Swaziland AU Africa.svg
Tanzania[52](United Republic of Tanzania) Tanzania Dodoma Tanzanian shilling Swahili,English 945,087 37,849,133 723 Location Tanzania AU Africa.svg
Togo[53](Togolese Republic) Togo Lomé West African CFA franc French 56,785 6,100,000 1,700 Location Togo AU Africa.svg
Tunisia[54](Tunisian Republic) Tunisia Tunis Tunisian dinar Arabic 163,610 10,102,000 8,800 Location Tunisia AU Africa.svg
Uganda[55](Republic of Uganda) Uganda Kampala Ugandan shilling English,Swahili 236,040 27,616,000 1,700 Location Uganda AU Africa.svg
Zambia[56](Republic of Zambia) Zambia Lusaka Zambian kwacha English 752,614 14,668,000 931 Location Zambia AU Africa.svg
Zimbabwe[57](Republic of Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwean dollar Shona,Ndebele,English 390,757 13,010,000 2,607 Location Zimbabwe AU Africa.svg

[edit]Partially recognised and unrecognised states

The following are states that have established themselves in Africa as sovereign states, but remain limited in official recognition. TheSahrawi republicis a member of theAfrican Union.

Name (official name) Flag Capital Currency Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$) Map
Somaliland(Republic of Somaliland) Somaliland Hargeisa Somaliland shilling Somali 137,600 3,500,000 600 Somaliland in Africa (-mini map -rivers).svg
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic[n 4] Western Sahara El Aaiún(Moroccan),Bir Lehlou(temporary)[n 5] Moroccan dirham N/A.[n 6] 267,405 (claimed) 266,000 N/A Location Western Sahara AU Africa.svg

[edit]Non-sovereign territories

[edit]Dependent territories

This list contains territories that are politically administered asexternal dependencies.

Name (official name) Flag Capital Currency Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$) Map
French Southern and Antarctic Lands[n 7] Port-aux-Français[n 8] Euro French 38.6 No permanent population[58] N/A
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha(UK)[n 9][59] Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Jamestown Saint Helenian pound English 420 5,661 N/A LocationStHelena.png

[edit]Other areas

This list contains territories that are administered as incorporated parts of a primarily non-African state.

Name (official name) Flag Capital Currency Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$) Map
Canary Islands[60][n 10] Canary Islands Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife Euro Spanish 7,447 1,995,833 N/A Location Canary Islands Africa.svg
Ceuta[60][n 10] (Autonomous City of Ceuta) Ceuta Ceuta Euro Spanish 28 76,861 N/A Ceuta-melilla.png
Madeira [n 11] (Autonomous Region of Madeira) Madeira Funchal Euro Portuguese 828 245,806 N/A Location Madeira Africa.svg
Mayotte[61] (France)[n 12] Mayotte Mamoudzou Euro French 374 186,452 2,600 Location Mayotte Africa.svg
Melilla [n 10] (Autonomous City of Melilla) Melilla Melilla Euro Spanish 20 72,000 N/A Ceuta-melilla.png
Plazas de soberanía [n 10] Spain N/A Euro Spanish Uninhabited N/A Mapa del sur de España neutral.png
Réunion [n 13] Réunion Saint-Denis Euro French 2,512 793,000 N/A Location Réunion Africa.svg
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