Facebook post, 13 Oct, 2014 – House of Peace search successful

Update from Louisville, KY… On Saturday Field USA teamed up withJames Harvey and Art Thomas to do a house of peace search combining all of our best practices for the first time. 20 people went to 4 apartment complexes and prayed with 47 people, 21 of which heard the Gospel, 18 homes want discipleship follow-up with two different local teams in Louisville, 2 people healed (1 hip and 1 knee), 1 story of hope shared, 1 person rededicated his life to Jesus, and 1 person accepted Jesus as his personal savior…all in about an hour and a half.

Christine Dillon can you explain more how you introduced yourself, what you did. i.e. some adaptation of 3 story method? (Theirs, ours, Gods)???
Aaron Palmquist: we offered to pray peace for people. We offered to pray for their needs and heal the sick. Then we prayed and healed the sick. From there, the conversation took different turns depending on if they were far from God or already Christians. We asked if they would like some folks to come back to their house and walk with them, share more about Jesus etc.

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