Greetings from Uganda in the marvelous name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I always thank God for you and I always uphold you in prayers. I always humble myself at the same time, to see what the Lord has done here in Uganda for the past years. May his name carry the glory and honor. Amen.

The Lord has favored us by increasing the Home Church through there are challenges but because his hand was stretched here and there we managed his work. That’s why I thank him for you because you here able to support us both materially and financially may God bless you and the entire church of Australia. Amen

The ministry is growing well because it has reached even central Uganda where I went to meet with leaders and they welcomed the idea. So the meeting went well most of them picked the interest of joining our ministry teaching about Home Based Church and “Where is church “Basically?

But last year we managed to plant 112 Home churches, though they are dotted many people turned their hearts to Jesus through our teaching.

We now have 1271 followers in our ministry for all the planted churches including Kenya, at the end of the year God did a miracle by turning one very influential man to Christianity, it is so wonderful.

The visitation for this year is to double the work in order to turn the world upside down and I am ready to go everywhere in this world for the sake of Jesus through your support.

We have held big celebrations of the year 201, which started on 25th January to 28th -2012.

I invited Pastor Julius from Kenya to come as part of their experience and he came we shared everything we had. (Acts 4:32-35)

And thousands of people attended the celebrations and many came to Christ. I have made this report because it is good of you also to know how the ministry is moving forward with the word.

NB I am at home now trying to put back my house which broke down during rainy season.

Thanks all from Benard.

Contact details available on request

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