Zambia CPM Report


Greetings from Zambia. I am glad to send you this report which covers 3 trainings we have just had here in Zambia.

Livingstone Town (June 15-19)

A total number of 75 delegates attended this training for 5 days. My host, Bishop Boniface Mweemba did a tremendous work in organizing and availing his church building for this training. The reports reaching me after the training are awesome to hear. 5 pastors have abandoned the traditional Sunday church service and opted for a simple house church. We have about 27 house churches established just after the training, with more than 200 baptisms. Pastor David Akatama, who has been a keen follower of our teachings, left Livingstone into a rural area to go and plant churches. In 2 months David has planted 17 simple churches with 57 baptisms. The simple strategy he has been using is “healing the sick in every home the Lord opens the door”. I see a great awakening in this town, and healings and deliverance are taking place almost daily. A 65 year old woman was miraculously healed from a back problem she had suffered for 6 years. She is now well and leading 2 simple house churches. The need of more training in this town is needed which should include pastors that are in rural settings.

Spirit Led Academy (July 4-8)


A total number of 46 registered students attended the Spirit Led Academy held at Regiment youth training centre, with resource persons being, Stuart Gramenz and Phil Lye of Australia. Out of this number, 10 had not done the first 3 books but were allowed to attend the school because the said students will be key persons as far as expansion of the school is concerned. The response from the student after the school is awesome. The students have now a deeper relationship with God and are now able to listen to God. A close monitoring mechanism of our students has been put in place as our 5 school coordinators will continue meeting them every after 2 weeks to keep the momentum going.


A set of 2 students are joining the school this month. These are from the 2 prisons where Stuart had teachings during his visit in Zambia. The Lusaka central prison has received 45 new students who will start the school immediately when the first books arrive. Kamwala remand prison has got 28 new student lists, which includes 2 prison warders and 1 prison chaplain. Both these prisons will wait for the first book, “Sprit Led Life”.


I am glad to report that an expansion program for the school is already under way. In Ndola city which is about 350Km away from Lusaka had 5 students who attended the academy and have reported in less than 4 days a desire to start the academy for 20 interested prospective students. George Bweupe, a very dear friend and brother will be coordinating the school there.


Kabwe city which is 160KM had 1 student who attended the academy and has an interesting 20 prospective student list. Our key person in this town having been a pastor for 15 years, for a first time during the academy was baptized into the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in new tongues. A strong focused zeal has engulfed in him and he is on fire for the Lord. We will be making a follow up in his town in 2 months time and meet the students and hold a 3 days meeting.

Livingstone city 500KM had 1 student who attended the academy. David has been a pastor for 15 years and deeply involved in house church planting and is our zone leader in the network. Each zone has more than 45 house churches.


As much we desire the academy to spread out in all major towns of Zambia, a strict policy and guideline will be observed in order to keep the standard of the school high. These being;

  1. Only students who have shown a strong desire of Knowing Christ accompanied by references from known persons will be accepted.

  2. A commitment to an excellent academic pass rate.

  3. A commitment to be involved in house church planting.

  4. A commitment to display a Christian testimony and character.


All of our school coordinators are fully involved in house church movement.

Kanyama – Lusaka (July 20-24)

35 pastors and leaders converged in this densely populated slam to learn the principles of simple house church. David Christmas, a very dear brother in the Lord from Australia joined me as we trained these servants of God on simple church. Most of these delegates have had no formal theological training which proved as a huge advantage to their understanding of the training. In just less than 2 weeks, 11 pastors have made a huge shift from the traditional church to simple church. In Kanyama compound, a slam of about 60,000 people, 17 house churches have been established with more than 100 baptisms. A further practical training will be conducted for 3 days starting from August 4-6. This will be done with the help of my local master trainers who will accompany the trainees in various homes that are open for the gospel. Rev.Stephen has just been kicked out of his church for baptizing new converts without going through the traditional baptism class. He has now gone into full time establishing house churches. He will need a lot of prayers as this entails him leaving the pastoral rented house and losing a monthly income the church used to pay him.

Luanshya/Ndola Towns (July 26- August 1st)

A total number of 50 delegates have just been trained in these 2 towns. My host pastor and friend George Bweupe had done an excellent job in organizing these trainings. We are expecting more than 10 pastors to make a huge shift from the traditional church to a simple church. David Christmas was one of the facilitators of these 2 seminars.

Sunday 31st August, George Bweupe invited us to attend his Sunday traditional church service where David Christmas was to preach. Both David and I were not sure what to expect apart from having the normal traditional church. Just before David was invited to speak, George announced to his congregation that starting from the coming Sunday, there will no more traditional Sunday services. All church activities were to be done in homes. That was a bold announcement in a denominational church. Today 1st August, George has just called to inform me of 22 baptisms that have taken place in a single day. He is due to meet his Bishop to tender his resignation from the denomination. I am excited but concerned of what will happen to his family as they are staying in a rented church house.

The fire is burning; the vision of house church has been caught. During the Bangalore conference, I did state my goals of reaching 1000 house churches by the end of the year, though uncle V wanted me to add just three more zeros, but praise God, as I write to you today, we now have 1012 house churches in the network. George and I have now increased the target to 1500 before the year ends.

We have the upcoming seminar in Kafue town as a follow to last year’s training. We will need urgently funds to cover this training and the subsequent follow-up meetings in Luanshya and Ndola.

Keep us in your daily prayers.


In the Lord’s Vineyard.


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