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This is the prayer journey being undertaken by house churches in Zambia. It has been sent by George Bweupe, who we sponsored to the Kenya conference. Perhaps we also could do it?





What is a 100 day prayer journey?


We could not give the prayer experience a better title. We call it a prayer journey because our faith in the Lord is a walk. Like the pilgrims of old we seeking a fresh encounter with Lord in the next 100 days. Is this biblical? One may ask. Yes our walk with the Lord is meaningless unless it is coupled with intense prayer. Both in the old and new testaments are direct instructions and even pictures of people who sought God both as individuals and corporately.


Col 4:2.


Devote yourselves to prayer,being watchful and thankful


What is the objective?

The main objective is to awaken the passion for prayer in the house churches

What is the Target group?

Men, women, youth, children and family

The big question is what can prayer do? Or what can God if we prayed?

  1. In your life

  2. Family

  3. Work

  4. School

  5. Church

  6. Business

  7. Community

  8. Nation

The answer to this question lies in the believers who engage in prayer journey for the next 100 days.

What will be expected to do during this time?

Every believer should cultivate intimacy with the Lord, by discovering the value of prayer

They will be exposed to all kinds of prayer approaches around their community. Doing prayer walks, adoration, intercession, thanksgiving, spiritual warfare, supplication, petitions both at personal and corporate levels etc

Leaders will also be expected to share their experiences in prayer.

Individuals are to respond to the prophetic promptings, burdens and other assignments the Lord lays on their hearts to do and report about the outcomes.

They will engage in overnight prayer meetings, prayer retreats, fasting once per week,

Prayer outreach in the community (using prayer as tool for evangelism in your community)

Blessing weekly outreach (reaching out to a least one person per week)

Participate in prayer celebration and thanksgiving festivals


  1. Be involved in prayer fasting

  2. Giving to the needy / at least share food or material things with somebody

  3. Bible studies

  4. House church meetings

  5. Family altar

  6. Breaking of bread

  7. Evangelism and discipleship

  8. Baptism

  9. Get a note book and bible and record your prayer encounters with the LORD. These should include personal instructions, direction in life etc

List down your expectations from the LORD and lay down your personal struggles before Him ask him what he may want to change in your life.

Find a prayer partner whom you will pray with for the next 100 days

Break bread with them weekly and pray over their needs daily

Spend at least 1 to 2 hours in prayer between 22:00 pm – 12:00 am

Identify someone you can help in the faith this will be your disciple

Every family to be a house of prayer



Prayer format / structure and strategies guide

Our prayer format is that people involved in this walk will pray personally at an appointed time of their own precisely between 12 am (mid night) and 12 pm (noon).

Each individual will choose an hour or two in which they will seek God over various issues in life, family, work, church, business, community and the nation.

The AFRICAN Model should encompass the following areas

  1. Meeting spiritual needs at personal level- encourage the promotion of personal devotional daily encounters with the Lord

  2. Meeting spiritual needs at family level – encourage the promotion of family altars as a daily spiritual encounter with the Lord at Family level

  3. Meeting spiritual needs at community – encourage individual as well as house churches (corporate) to utilise prayer as a means of outreach and evangelism – on a weekly basis.

  4. Meeting corporate needs of the believing community – training of disciples and breaking of bread in homes – weekly

  5. Strengthening prayer partnership among believers through prayer networks – prayer partners who are accountability partners

  6. Holy Communion should the reminder of the obligation to the great commission – weekly in homes








Praise/ Worship Deut 10:21; 32:3; 1 Chr 16:25;2Chr 20:22

Focus all attention on Him (God) and worship Him for all His magnificent qualities and deeds.


Personal Repentance u0026amp; Revival Isa 30:15

Jer 15:19; 31:19;

Personal – preparation to stand before God as an intercessor; repent of all known and unknown sin ; then come to Him in surety of being fully part of the new covenant in Christ’ s blood in humility. Pray for personal revival.


Personal petitions for breakthrough

Pray for five areas in your life or family where you need breakthrough.


Revival in our Leaders

Pray for all Spiritual leaders : Pastors, Bishops, Apostles etc in your City/ Town /Region/Country


Salvation / restoration in your family

Make a list of five people / families you know who do not know Christ or who has backslidden. Pray for them in this hour and continue praying for them in your daily prayer time.


Revival in your own Congregation

Acts 3:19

Pray for leaders; members; finances; growth; God’s presence; protection against deception and satanic invasions. Pray for revival to come to your Church.


Wait u0026amp; listen

Ps 5:3

Wait u0026amp; listen to what God says and make notes. ( City/ Town / Region / Country ) To be still ; meditate on scripture


Identificational repentance for sin in the City/Nation etc Daniel 9:3-21

Bloodshed: pray against the sin of treating life with little respect (ritual killings, abortions, murders). Pray against crime in the form of burglary, theft and hijack of vehicles. Pray against Gender Based Violence and political violence


Revival in your City / Town / Country

Jeremiah 29:7

Nehemiah 1:4

Pray for revival to come to City / Town / Region

Pray for the alleviation of poverty

Pray for protection against HIV/AIDS and cancer

Pray for specific townships or suburbs

Pray for other congregations: leaders; members; finance; growth ; God’s presence; protection against satanic / demonic invasion

Pray against corruption in civic and govt and other institutions

Pray for good service delivery in hospitals, schools, water, security and other institutions

Pray for Christian Ministers in your City for Unity , Vision and Clear purpose

Pray for Blessings upon the people of your community / town

Pray for evangelism to take place in all sectors of life

Pray for salvation and workers

Pray for key leaders

Pray for witnessing by all members of the church

Pray for intercessors in your city



Salvation / wisdom for your National leaders 1Tim 2:1

This should include the President, Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries, members of parliament, District commissioners and Civic leaders etc.


Revival in Africa

Pray against false religion


Praise / Thanks



This prayer format is basically intended to help new beginners in prayer who may not know what to pray for.

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