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Greetings from Zambia in the wonderful name of Jesus. I always thank God for you and I always uphold you in prayers. It is thrilling and very humbling at the same time, to see what the Lord has done here in Zambia in this very short period. All Glory, Honor, and Power belong to Him. Amen!!

House Churches.

The Lord has graciously increased His work beyond our scope of thinking. We initially projected to have about 500 house churches before the end of 2011, and the following year we believe the number could double. This was all in our human mind but not realizing that God cannot be placed in our small box. Today, the ministry has 1170 house churches dotted all over the country with a big group in Lusaka. In the past 2 months, we have received several requests of men and women who want to bring their ministries under our network. We want to be sure this is a move of God, so prayerfully we are asking God for His specific guidance but many of them have been turned down as their motives are not pure.


In the last 1 year, we have seen over 2350 water baptisms conducted. We are using water baptism as a gauge to how many people have become disciples of Jesus. A clear life transformation has been noticed in many lives of people. A case in point is Chibolya compound where less than 30 men would attend house church meetings. Most of the attendants had been women and children. Men were found in taverns drinking illicit beer. But in the last year, we have seen the increase of men attending house churches. Presently we have more than 350 men disciples of Jesus in Chibolya only. At the moment we have more men as house church leaders than women. The men are now leading the way as their families follow. In our African culture this is very significant as men are seen as natural leaders.

Simple baptism- But God honors

Most of these baptisms have been taking place in bathroom water tubs. Initially, something we despised. It looked ridiculous to use this facility. In fact many religious people attacked us for using the bath tub. They consider a bath tub as un holy and not consecrated. But the Lord reminded me, “The Lord does not dwell in houses made by human hands”. Word has gone round of our simple approach of baptism. George, a friend of mine in some other district, in the past 4 months has baptized 270 disciples in water bath tubs. Simple baptism but God honors the motive behind it.

Strategies of Growth.

Many have asked how this is possible. Planting 1000 house churches in a year??? When you read Matthew 28:19, a very famous scripture in the bible but highly misunderstood by many church people. Jesus said 2 important words there; “GO”!!!, have you realized that He never said “COME”???. Right there the agenda for Jesus’ church is set, it is a “Go Church”, and not a “Come Church”

The second thing Jesus said was; “Make Disciples”. Have you again realized that He never said “Make Members”???? So in short, Jesus’ church is a Go church making Disciples while most of our churches are Come Churches and making members. Once you understand this, which I understood almost 3 years ago, then I knew God’s agenda for His church. Making disciples, making disciples, making disciples.

This is the agenda we have made every disciples of Jesus understand from the onset of his/her Christian walk. My wife Violet, a zone leader of about 97 house churches, has a very funny strategy of planting house churches. She calls it, “Healing the sick in every home”, not so good title, but it works for her. In the last 1 year, she has visited hundreds of homes looking for sick people so she could heal them in the name of Jesus. A very un orthodoxy method. But the Lord has been honoring her faith as many have been healed and turned their hearts to the Lord at the end. A married woman for 12 years failed to conceive and her marriage was on rocks. Violet prayed for her and prophesied that she would have a baby in the next 9 months. True to God’s promise, the lady has now a baby boy and her husband turned his heart to the Lord and he now leads a church in his house. Words went round that Violet prays for women who are barren. In the past year, Violet has dedicated 5 miracle babies. The power of God is being demonstrated in the communities and Jesus said when you see this, then know, “the Kingdom is within you”. We have believed the Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but by demonstrating God’s power. Healings and deliverance has become the life style of the church today.

Spirit Led Academy

The most challenging and daunting task is leadership training and development. Raising men and women who are loyal to Gods’ call and vision. People had the zeal and passion for the work, but did not know how. It is for this reason the Spirit Led Academy of Stuart Gramenz was introduced to the Zambian folk. Initially we had only 35 students by May 2011. But today, we have 205 registered students taking the course. 70 are students in prisons who will write the first exam paper on 15 November 2011. We are now seeing true life transformation in jails and churches being established in jails. The emphasis of this course is to enable men and women of God listen to God’s voice on their own, rather than waiting for “professional religious people to prophesy”. Through this school, we have seen 69 house churches planted in Kanyama compound alone.

In all, we have 60 trained “master trainers”, in house church planting. This has lifted a load from my shoulders as I now concentrate on Vision shaping and opening new frontiers. January 2012, funds allowing, we are going to the Western and North Western Provinces to introduce the church planting movement. A team has already been identified and 3 men of peace are already in place. I strongly sense the Lord saying “new frontiers”.

Negative Tag

The attacks I am receiving are no longer from the enemy the devil, but from my religious church people. They are warning people not to associate with me as I have become a “Satanist”. Well not so scaring, 5 years ago, when I had just started Action for Empowerment, people were calling me a Satanist in Chibolya and Chalala. But I get the comfort; Jesus was beaten, spat upon and nailed to the cross.

I will value your prayers and support. I love you all!!!

Shalom be with you.


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